Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: the 'architect' of the new Manchester United

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He seems like Zinedine Zidane, which translates into a natural motivator. In just one month, a team that was wandering on the court now crushes its rivals

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: the 'architect' of the new Manchester United

Normally, when a team changes trainer in search of better results, these are given. What does not happen so often is that the change is generated overnight and less with a chain reaction, that is, with a long positive run, as it is happening to Manchester United since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer arrived, who has accumulated eight victories in succession.

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Solskjaer, according to the English media, has helped to reach European positions and even fight for the Premier League title. The first big step was to get rid of the 'bad energy' that existed in the club around his former coach, the Portuguese Jose Mourinho.

The Sporf brand account on twitter specifies Solskjaer's streak in chronological order since December 22 when it officially debuted. Their first eight games were 7 by the League and the most recent by the FA Cup.

Started at 5-1 at home to Cardiff City FC (a team that led in the recent past), then surpassed as a visitor by 3-1 to Huddersfield, and then 4-1 to Bournemouth. Then, he received Newcastle and beat him 2-0.

He continued at Old Trafford, this time against Reading, which he beat 2-0, then went strong as a visitor at Wembley and beat Tottenham 1-0 and days later 2-1 at Brighton. Finally, for the FA Cup, he beat Arsenal 3-1 at the Emirates Stadium.

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Visible changes

For many, the only visible thing that the incipient Norwegian technician has contributed since he arrived at the club is psychology, and that, for now, seems to be enough. It also seems obvious that his energies were concentrated mainly on recovering Paul Pogba, whom he advanced a few meters in the field, granting him greater freedom and in those first eight games the result has been 4 goals and 4 assists.

For the first time, the fan of the 'Devil Reds', feels that Pogba is worth the more than 100 million euros that his club canceled Juventus for the services of the Russian World Champion in 2018, who now looks animated and smiling, which shows that he did not get along with Mou.

"I would say that I am having fun, I enjoy playing football, it was difficult with our previous system, Defender is not my favorite facet (...) The new coach tells me to enter the area," he told the English media.

Danny Gabbidon is a developing assistant who worked are Solskjaer in Cardiff City and, and of course he knows him very well. "It is the opposite of Mourinho, very sensible, transmits good vibrations and creates a good atmosphere. It is said that there are great egos in the dressing room, but he will not be aggressive with them. "

The fans are already saying their names more frequently than the club's, and finally, they are aiming for more liberated press conferences with Solskjaer and with less exhausting schedules than those established by Mourinho, The English Media ended.


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Let's be fair: when it was learned that Solskjaer, idol of the club for giving them a Champions League in 1999, would be the substitute for Mou, many instead of hopeing they became sadder. His previous steps in the Molde of Norway and Cardiff City (when they played in the Premiership) had been contrasting.

El Periódico leaves some important details like that, with the Molde, he was crowned two consecutive years in the league plus a domestic cup, thus achieving the classification for the group stage of the Champions League. His period was between 2011 and 2014 and he returned the joy to the Molde fan, always in the shadow of Rosenborg, the traditional winner of everything in that country.

Then, he became interested in more competitive football and looked towards England, where he initially rejected an offer from Aston Villa. So he came to Cardiff City in January 2014 when the Welsh team occupied box 17, but was unable to save the category, being fired just a few months later . He returned to the mold with less success than the first stage, until this opportunity arose that is making the most of it.


He goes on to say El Periódico, that Solskjaer grew up with the great Sir Alex Ferguson, a trainer who quickly identified his qualities and who defined him as "a man of analytical mentality", for noting everything in a notebook both in training and in games. Ethical, professional and sacrificed.

Oyvind Alasker, a well- known TV2 Norwegian journalist, recalled that Solskjaer was only 23 years old when he decided to leave his quiet country for the spotlight of the Premier League. "He started scoring goals quickly. We have had more talented Norwegian players who have not succeeded, precisely because of that, because they have lacked a strong strong mentality, something that surpasses Solskjaer " . That quick adaptation as a player seems to resemble this experience on the bench: fast and effective.

The Norwegian Henning Berg , former selection partner of Solskjaer, describes him as a family guy who finds it easy to take root . Something that has been a feature of the club throughout history, and that does not resemble the style of Mourinho, accustomed to change every so often, both as a player and coach.


Mundo Deportivo, in turn, highlighted the words of admiration of Conor McGregor, the Irish fighter of the UFC, towards Solskjaer, after the categorical 3-1 over Arsenal. "Ole Gunnar Solskjær is a special man! The super substitute of Manchester United. Player and manager Insane! You can feel the passion he has for his club and his history. Excited with pride while vividly explaining the team's incredible ability to counterattack over the years. Past and present! Wow! " , McGregor published on their social networks.


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