Street Art Cities, the app that brings together urban art worldwide

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To get to know the street art of your city or international places, just go to Street Art Cities to have details of each urban work

Street Art Cities, the app that brings together urban art worldwide

Urban art is an attraction of many cities that arouses the interest of tourists, lovers of culture and of course of the spectators who, when they see it, get lost in it. Fortunately, for many there is an application called Street Art Cities, which documents street art works from different parts of the world. In this way, the user can find its location, photo, and name of the artist who painted the work.

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Benefits of the app

Currently, the app registers works from approximately 72 countries with facilities to know them, since it allows to see the gallery of works for each city with its respective map and routes. On the other hand, provides information about the work, its history and the artist who made it, a great plus is that it is not limited to the information of these urban works, but also provides information on different artistic events of each city.

Street Art Cities is useful for:


Tourists interested in touring the Street Art of the city can plan their trip in advance, they only have to review the map and the routes assigned for these works.

Likewise, they can inform themselves of other artistic events that are taking place in the city, even when they are visiting places they can check if they are near some of the works.

Art hunters

For lovers of artistic expressions, this is a very useful tool to know the urban works of both their city and globally, they can also contribute to the app with new urban works that are not registered, with the aim of expanding this documentation artistic.

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Artists interested in having their works published in this app can do so, they must generate a request to be added to publicize their work worldwide, of course also see the work of their colleagues and the different urban works existing


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How was this app created?

This app was brought to life by a group of Belgians and Dutch who in 2015 began to document these urban expressions in Heerlen (Netherlands), eventually spread internationally in collaboration with other art hunters. In 2017, it started to work the Street Art Cities app.

Tim Marschang, one of its founders and art hunter, told the newspaper Traveler.es., the purpose of this application is: "We try to document all the street art in the world, so we will not stop until we achieve it. Right now you can explore street art in major cities such as Berlin, New York, Montreal, Medellin, Paris, Melbourne, but also lesser-known cities like Bañeza, Waterford, Lecce, to name just a few. "

This app has had a great reception in the public and they evidence of this is the growth of this community. Additionally, every month, new urban works are registered and this street art is enhanced worldwide.


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