The new 'machine' of world soccer victories is a team of women

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The SL Benfica was created less than a year ago and is already triumphing in the 2nd Women's Division of Portugal. These 'fighters' have broken records of great difficulty

The new 'machine' of world soccer victories is a team of women

World women's soccer is seeing a new example of empowerment and supremacy emerge: SL Benfica of Serie D of the 2nd Division of Portugal. According to ABC, this Lisbon team is playing its first official competition in its history, since it was created less than a year ago, so it's exploits are further enhanced thanks to its youth.

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What are the most important records that Benfica has achieved?

32-0: a result that pulverized a record

On Saturday, January 26, Benfica broke the record for the most successful women's soccer in Portugal. According to the official website of the Portuguese club, Benfica scored 32 goals against CP Pego in the 15th day of Serie D of the 2nd Division of Portugal. The match was played at the Estádio da Tapadinha, home of Benfica.

The first half of the historic match ended with a score of 14-0, so the goal of breaking the existing record of 29 goals to zero was close. The Benfica fighters did not diminish the intensity and got the final 32-0 in the last minutes of the match.

"I am very proud. We have searched for this result and we have been working for it. We got what we wanted and now we have to celebrate", said Darlene Souza, one of the team's most prolific strikers.



The goalscorers of the match were Darlene Souza with 10 goals, Evy Pereira with 7 scores, Geyse Ferreira and Patrícia Llanos with 3 goals each, Maiara Lisboa and Yasmim Ribeiro with 2 scores each, and Adriana Gomes, Andreia Faria, Tayla Santos and Silvia Rebelo with one goal each. The remaining goal was an own goal by a player from CP Pego.

"I feel very proud of our players. They have an exceptional attitude, dedication, commitment and desire to honor the shirt in the best way. We had established an approach to this game, they had been mentalized of that, of this objective, and there is a historical mark in women's soccer", said João Marques, Benfica's coach.

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The splendid record of 257 goals and 0 against

Benfica managed to form a team of enormous power in its first year of existence, to the point that it is the undisputed dominator of Serie D of the 2nd Division with records that seem taken out from a video game.

According to the official classification provided by Benfica, after 15 days playing, the club marched in the first position of the standings with 42 points (rested a date), with 257 goals in favor and zero goals against. Amazing.

The exceptional campaign of Benfica began on September 16, 2018, with a rout of 29 goals to 0 against the UD Ponte Frielas, continued on September 23 with a 0-19 against the GD Os Vrideiros, advanced on October 14 with a 10 -0 against the SU Sintrense, and followed on October 21 with a 0-28 against União FC Almeirim.

On October 28, it managed to beat Sporting CP viciously by 4 goals to 0, on November 1 it beat CP Pego by 0-26, on November 11 it defeated SC União Torreense by 13-0, on November 18 it defeated SF Damaiense by 0-17, on December 9 it won against UD Ponte Frielas by 0-14, and ended the year on December 15, beating GD Os Vrideiros by 19 goals to 0.



Una publicación compartida de Sport Lisboa e Benfica (@slbenfica) el


2019 started with a new victory by 0 goals to 15 against SU Sintrense. On January 15, it defeated União FC Almeirim by 22-0, on January 20 it defeated Sporting CP by 0-10 and last January 26 won the famous and remembered 32-0 against CP Pego.

According to El Español, Benfica was created less than a year ago with the clear objective of reaching the first division of women's soccer in Portugal to compete against one of the club's greatest historical rivals: Sporting Clube de Portugal.

The rivalry is so strong that the Sporting subsidiary has been Benfica's toughest opponent in the 2nd Division and is its biggest pursuer in the standings.

Women's soccer has found another club that proves the empowerment of women in sports. Benfica not only has become a football machine of great offensive fury and enormous defensive power; it has also become an example of sports played by women worldwide.


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