The Manchester United's 'class of 92' gets into the business world

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The successful generation of Manchester United returns the hand to Salford City, the team that catapulted them to world football, by beginning to venture into the business of this sport

The Manchester United's 'class of 92' gets into the business world

The stars of football will always be a reference, either as support for the national team or being behind the technical line to lead one of the teams in the league. However, times change and now the look is set on minor divisions to begin a successful process that will rise to first.

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That same example that applied the Thai billionaire Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha with the Leicester City, wants to be matched and even improved by the members of the successful 'Class 92 of Manchester United', discovered by the Scottish coach Alex Ferguson, with Salford City.

The 'adventure' started with Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt, and Gary and Phil Neville, supported by the billionaire from Singapore, Peter Lim, current owner of the Valencia of Spain, who in 2014 injected economic and sports power to the modest Salford City, an 'amateur' cast located on the outskirts of Manchester and that gave the opportunity to these 'cracks' some years ago.

But the 'Dream Team', winner of the triple crown in 1999 with the 'Red Devils' (League, FA Cup, and Champions League), would not be complete without the presence of David Beckham, who this year decided to acquire his 10 percent. All his teammates have equal participation in the team's integration, except Lim, and seek to give it more strength in the face of his new challenge: the fifth division.

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The successes have been total, the Salford jumped from the eighth to the fifth division of the English league in four years, since the arrival of the 'Class of 92'. "It's a really special club and a special group of people. My first years in Manchester were spent in Salford. I grew up there in many ways, so finally being able to join the boys and the club is a great feeling", were the words of David Beckham, published by the news portal ESPN.

Who else jumped into the water?

The 'Class of 92' is not the only one that is part of the acquisition of teams of little reputation or that are going through a bad economic time. Next, we will meet some co-owners stars, starting with the aforementioned Beckham, who acquired part of Inter Miami FC, a squad that will debut in the MLS (US Soccer League) in 2020.

Another one who got the 'bite' of the business was the Brazilian Ronaldo Nazario, buying 51 percent of the shares of Valladolid, a group that returned to the first division of Spanish football but also has a 25 percent the North American squad Fort Lauderdale Strikers.

A successful striker inside and outside the court has been the Chilean Marcelo Salas. The 'Matador' is the owner of Temuco Sports since 2013, a team from the city where he was born, in the South of the country, and with which he left a pleasant impression in the recent Copa Sudamericana.

And another one that jumped from continent was Paolo Maldini, the Italian also landed in the United States to become co-founder of Miami FC since 2015 and had a brief passage through the coach's bench.


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