Kevin Roldán faces charges of sexual abuse

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Here a summary of everything that is known about the inquiry to the reggaeton singer for sexual abuse

Kevin Roldán faces charges of sexual abuse

Last Thursday, police officers placed under arrest the reggaeton singer Kevin Roldán in Medellín due to accusations of domestic violence and sexual abuse by his partner. After a Rionegro judge decided to send him to prison, the defense made this same judge revoke the control measure, according to information provided by El Tiempo. Roldán, however, has a caution order that forces him to stay away from his ex-partner.

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Who is Kevin Roldan?

Kevin Roldán is a 25-year-old Valle del Cauca reggaeton singer who became famous with his hit "Contra la pared", a song he had recorded with his cousin at the age of 17. After this, he was off the radar from radio and nightclubs until he became very close to Nicky Jam, another Puerto Rican reggaeton singer based in Medellín. With him he signed with Kapital Records and recorded the song "Salgamos". Later he also collaborated with Daddy Yankee. Now his most recent single, "PPP", is a hit in the clubs.


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Some background information

According to Semana, this is not the first time that Kevin Roldán faces a situation of this type. According to the journal, the singer was accused of sexual abuse last year by two minors, aged 14 and 16, who went to his hotel to claim an award they had won through social media. They alleged that the singer's bodyguards kept them for a few minutes to convince them to have sex with him. In 2015, he was also accused of beating someone who mistook him for Justin Bieber. Also, that same year, he caused controversy for sharing photos and videos of Cristiano Ronaldo's birthday party, to which he was invited by his friend James Rodríguez, in which the Portuguese soccer star was seen dancing and having a good time while Real Madrid went through a bad moment. This made the press jump on the soccer player and the club.


And what happens now?

Last Thursday, as I already mentioned above, Kevin Roldán was placed under arrest following the denunciation of his partner for domestic violence and sexual abuse. After a while, the judge of Rionegro decided to revoke the decision of a control measure against the singer and to let him free while the investigation is carried out. "According to the complaint made by the permanent companion of the artist, the alleged assailant beat her systematically, kept her locked up in her own house with orders to the guards and escorts so that they would not let her leave or allow her to receive visitors. The victim explained to the District Attorney that on one occasion, after a strong beating, he would have abused her against her will, "says El Espectador about the accusation.

Thus, according to the District Attorney, the singer would be accused of three charges: simple kidnapping, carnal access with a person incapable of resisting and intrafamily violence.


As for the reggaeton singer, he shared that same morning a photo on his Instagram account that says "Rumors are rumors ... we're fine thanks to God."

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