Do you know what the Young Earth Champions Award is?

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If you are between 18 and 30 years old, you are innovative and you see crises as opportunities, this article is for you

Do you know what the Young Earth Champions Award is?

Since January 28, UN Environment opened the call for the Young Champions of the Earth Award. The contest will be open to receive registrations until March 31 and will receive applications from young people interested in implementing their environmental project.

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What is the Young Champions of the Earth Award about?

This award is the most prestigious award given by UN Environment. The winners, seven in total from different parts of the world, must be environmental entrepreneurs who want to help the planet to have a bright future.

According to the UN, "global warming is forcing our societies, our economies and our world to change. They must also change our ways of doing business, our professional careers and our job opportunities. This change represents an unprecedented opportunity to take initiatives. For brave entrepreneurs and trendsetting models of behavior to find their way into a new, greener economy; to be pioneers in revolutionary technology and radical innovation; to lead a new wave of ecological professions."


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This is what the winners will receive

  • Initial financing of $ 15,000 dollars
  • $ 9,000 in funding to communicate and spread the idea
  • Attendance at a high-level meeting of the United Nations
  • To meet the dignitaries who will attend the ceremony of the Champions of the Earth award
  • Advertising and recognition through interviews and in the media
  • Access to a group made up of experts from Covestro that will provide knowledge and guidance
  • Participation in a training program on entrepreneurship

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This is the process

The contest has 5 phases :

  1. Registration: You can register in the portal to submit your application. The term is open from January 28 and will close on March 31
  2. Regional review: from March 31 to May 31, the panel of experts of the United Nations will evaluate all the applications received. In this phase, the regional finalists will be pre-selected.
  3. Those selected will record a short video explaining what their idea is about.
  4. After the regional evaluation, the juries will evaluate the candidates of each region to choose the 7 winners worldwide .
  5. Ceremony: the winners will be announced at a recognition event.

Why you should participate

Changing the way we do things and what affects the world must start with ourselves. If you have an innovative idea that can help humanity and the planet, this is your chance to make it known and generate a positive impact.

In addition to making your idea known, you can be in touch with great personalities who are knowledgeable about the subject and have the power to make decisions. You can meet the person who helps you finish structuring your idea and execute it effectively.

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Knowing experts is essential, as well as belonging to a global business network. In this way, you can present your project to colleagues and investors interested in supporting this type of project. You will also get to know the other young people who have applied and create with them a support network for the most complicated times to start up a business.

Finally, if you win the prize, you will have access to a considerable sum of money to put your initiative into action and drive change.

Selection criteria


Una publicación compartida de ONU Medio Ambiente (@onumedioambiente) el


The UN is looking for the following :

  • Young people from all over the world who are between 18 and 30 years old (completed on December 31, 2019)
  • Your project must have been in execution or previous work for at least 6 months
  • It is important that you can demonstrate the achievements you have obtained so far
  • The UN will measure the social and environmental impact of your idea, as well as the economic viability of it
  • The candidate must prove that he is a person with courage, curiosity, and great character
  • Part of the application includes a personal reference. The panel will assess the strength of this recommendation


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