What are the industries dominated by women?

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Currently, there are professions in which women are the majority, and little by little their participation in the different industries has increased

What are the industries dominated by women?

The participation of women in the labor market has been a relevant issue in recent years. Factors such as the wage gap, gender inequality in work, among others, show that in the way to expand the labor field in which women operate there are many obstacles that are not yet overcome.

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However, there are professions in which the number of women who exercise them is greater than the number of men. While some of them are trades that have always been delegated to the female figure as child care, there are others in which men used to be a majority years ago.

Listed below are some of these industries

1. Childcare

Childcare has historically fallen on women, due to gender roles that have remained relevant in our society, so it is no surprise that childcare as a field of employment is the first industry on the list. Here are both nannies and staff working in daycare centers and specializing in caring for children the time their family cannot do it. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States, the industry is composed of 94% women.

2. Health

In this industry, according to a study done among 123 countries by the World Health Organization, 67% of the workers are women. The profession in which they perform the most is nursing, in which the percentage of women reaches 91% in the United States.

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3. Social work

Social workers help people to solve and face problems, provide resources to the needy and get involved in causes such as the reduction of addictions, crime rates, and poverty. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 72% of managers in the human resources field are women. Although most work in mental health settings, they also perform functions in schools, government entities, among others.

4. Education

Although in recent years the participation of men has grown in this field, 75% of the people who exercise it are women. This industry includes pre-school education, elementary school, high school as well as academic and administrative positions in public and private entities.

5. Finance

This labor field, once dominated by men, has had growing participation of women in recent years. The figures indicate that this participation reaches 59%, as well as worldwide the number of women who are being trained to practice these professions is 49% according to statistics from the Financial Reporting Council.

6. Veterinary

Years ago, animal care was not as relevant an issue as it is now. For this reason, the number of professionals working in this field has increased and it has been women who have trained the most. On average, 81% of professionals in this area are women and work in private clinics, hospitals, farms, or laboratories for the government.


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