Music Festivals' weirdest locations

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Regarding the location change of the Festival Estéreo Picnic, we show you other unexpected locations of music festivals to encourage you to go to Briceño

Music Festivals' weirdest locations

After having been held for some years in the Park 222, north of Bogota, the Estéreo Picnic Festival moves out to Briceño 18 Golf Course, at kilometer 19 via Tunja. This change is due to the exponential growth in the number of attendees to the festival and aims to add magic and comfort to the atmosphere of the music festival. Although for some these were complicated news, as it moves the festival away from the city of Bogotá, the truth is that the new place has more space and more magic, because the golf course is made up of beautiful trees and lakes in which the festival will be set up; moreover, they will not only set the stages but they will also accommodate the gastronomic offer. According to statements by Páramo Presenta, organizers of the event, for El Espectador, the new location of the FEP will also make transportation easier, given that it has more ways of action than the Park 222, former home of the festival.

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To encourage you, you should know that this is not the first time that a festival location causes controversy or is strange. Here we show you other examples.

Carnival of Bahidorá

This weekend will take place the Carnival of Bahidorá 2019 in the Las Estacas Natural Park in the State of Morelos, Mexico. "Las Estacas is a natural water park that belongs to the Sierra de Montenegro state ecological reserve, a paradisiacal site where the Yautepec River flows, a natural spring with crystalline water rich in minerals, which nourishes the exuberant flora and fauna of the region." is written on the festival website. Attendees of this musical festival, whose line up is mainly composed of electronic and indie music, will be able to practice adventure sports, bathe in the waters of the reserve river and camp in the middle of the trees of this jungle. Although it seems somewhat inconvenient, the location of this festival is paradisiacal and full of charm.

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Magnetic Fields

The Magnetic Fields Music Festival takes place every December in India. While this is a small festival, very different from the Coachella style and the others whose magic happens outdoors, the Magnetic Fields house is a real house. It takes place in the seventeenth-century Rajasthani Palace. The city of Jaipur is near, so, like the FEP assistants, this festival's assistants must leave the city to get here, the most elegant location on our list.


Under Water Music Festival

Maybe the attraction of this festival is not so much in music as in sports and ecology. This is the Under Water Music Festival, which takes place in summer in Big Pine Key, Florida. In it, attendees scuba dive and snorkel at the coral reef and musicians play locally made instruments whose music is transmitted by waterproof speakers. In addition to listening to this strange way of making music, attendees can learn about the species found there and whose preservation is the main objective of the festival.


Electric Forest

The Electric Forest is one of the most important festivals of electronic music. As the name implies, part of the musical experience has to do with the fact that the festival takes place in a forest. The tickets for the summer version of this year are already sold out. Its location is in a forest in RothBury, Michigan, a few hours from Detroit, Chicago and New York. The festival sometimes eases up transportation for attendees from neighboring cities and is aware that the chaos generated by music festivals of its size should be removed from the city.

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