Why every company must be sustainable?

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Companies must not only be sustainable in environmental issues, but must also give back to the community and its employees

Why every company must be sustainable?

Nowadays it has become more common to hear about sustainable companies. In most cases, these companies follow environmental policies so that their work causes a lesser impact on the planet. Although this is a very important advance, because we are becoming aware of the consequences of our actions, companies must aim to be sustainable not only in ecological matters but in different areas.

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In LatinAmerican Post we believe that companies must be sustainable in social, cultural, and economic matters. Sustainability is about finding the balance between purpose and profit so that not only the company grows but also its members and the community where it develops its activities. Financial performance must go hand on hand with social and environmental performance.

This is why sustainability should not be confused with philanthropy because it is not a matter of companies giving part of their profits and obtaining short-term results, which impact will be lost over time. On the contrary, being sustainable is about ensuring financial and social stability in a strategic way.

Sustainability can bring you different benefits when doing business. For example, it will project more credibility since it will let its clients know that it respects the community, the environment, the sector, etc. Additionally, it will let your colleagues, competitors, customers, employees, among others, know that the foundations of your company are transparency and responsibility.

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Being engines of economic development, companies must define how they will manage resources (environmental and social) in a way that promotes construction and progress in economic, political, and cultural terms. That is, business entities cannot only dedicate themselves to producing wealth and generating employment, but they must also empower and help the flowering of society.

Sustainability is an alternative to business growth that positions them as institutions that work for the common good and not only for particular interests. Companies must be aware of the impact of their operations and design policies and strategies that respond to common interests and repay what they have taken. These decisions, of course, must be strategic so that the change and the impact of sustainable policies are evidenced.

To be sustainable is to make a difference and positively impact society. In this way, not only the union is empowered but society in general. The reason for being sustainable is based on the fact that companies are not institutions that are alien to society. On the contrary, they are entities that can produce change, transform, innovate and renew social and environmental dynamics.

This way of doing business ensures the companies greater sustainability in the medium and long term and becomes a tool to achieve greater competitiveness.

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