This would be another reason to breastfeed

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A study by the University of the Basque Country shows that breast milk protects babies from this environmental problem

This would be another reason to breastfeed

The study conducted by the University of the Basque Country, published in 2015, shows the important role of breast milk to protect babies from pollution. The results show that during the first four months, breastfed babies do not suffer damages or harmful effects when exposed to the PM 2.5 particle or NO2 (nitrogen dioxide).

Both pollutants are in the air and are so thin and light that they can penetrate the body. PM 2.5 causes respiratory diseases and has been associated with the development of cardiovascular diseases. NO2 is responsible for the development of allergic processes and respiratory diseases. This is why it is amazing that breast milk has the ability to protect babies from these particles, at least during the first four months of life.


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The discovery is another reason to breastfeed children. Breast milk has great benefits in the development of the baby, because it strengthens the immune system and helps the appropriate growth of the infant. Now, with this research we know that it also minimizes the environmental effects of toxins and contaminants.

Breastfeeding for environmental reasons?

According to La Leche portal, thanks to the high levels of antioxidants in breast milk, it would be able to compensate for any toxic exposure to contaminants before birth.

Additionally, breastfeeding would be a better option compared to the formula, in environmental terms, for two reasons. On the one hand, the ingredients used to make baby milk can be contaminated. This same portal ensures that during the manufacturing process elements that may have been genetically altered such as soy and corn are used and that they could be cultivated with harmful pesticides.

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Using ingredients genetically altered and grown with pesticides could become harmful to the health of the baby. This is why breast milk is better than formula.

On the other hand, breastfeeding your baby also helps the environment. How? Well, there are multiple benefits such as:

  • No packaging made with polluting materials is needed
  • No containers are thrown away
  • No preservatives or dyes are used
  • No additional energy is used to produce it
  • No additional water is required
  • No greenhouse gases are produced at industrial level
  • No pollution occurs
  • Fossil fuels are not used to transport it
  • No need to heat, it comes at the perfect temperature


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