NBA: basketball and celebrities

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Speaking of the weekend of the stars of the NBA that was held last weekend, we tell you the relationship that these celebrities have with basketball

NBA: basketball and celebrities

Within what you see on the weekend of the stars of the NBA, is the show around this event. J Cole showed up at halftime of the game on Sunday the 17th and the day before we had seen Dennis Smith Jr. jump him in the dunk contest, and he even tried to score.

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Other faces of the music industry were also seen such as 2chainz and Quavo, from the Migos group, and it was even seen Spike Lee in the dunk competition, who is nominated for Best Director at the Academy Awards. In this regard, we make a brief route of the relationship that these celebrities have with basketball.

J Cole

In the dunk contest on Saturday, Dennis Smith Jr., New York Knicks player, requested assistance from rapper J Cole. They are both from North Carolina. Before launching, Smith Jr. put on Cole's jersey making reference to his past in basketball. And, as Natalie Weiner notes, J Cole rapped in his debut mixtape "The Warm Up": "You looking at Lebron James of the game".

It is not the only time that the rapper has compared himself to "the king" James, in that same year, 2009, in an interview with ABC, he said: "LeBron does everything. He can shoot, he can pass, he can handle the ball, he gets rebounds. ... That's how I feel, whether its lyrics or flow or beats. I just feel like I'm a renaissance man like I'm revolutionizing the game. There's been people who've rapped and produced—like Kanye—but I don't feel like on the rapping side there's ever been a producer who can rap as good as I think I can rap".

J Cole played basketball when he was in school and then in college, he felt very passionate about the sport for a long time and we have seen him before receiving Kevin Hart passes and dunk. He is a fan of Lebron James, who currently plays in the Los Angeles Lakers.


The winner of the dunk competition, Hamidou Diallo, asked for assistance from rapper Quavo, a member of the Migos group. Quavo simply held the ball over his head while Diallo jumped on top and scored, winning the contest.

We've seen Quavo play in last year's celebrity game, in which Justin Bieber also played. His basketball skills are well known: he has also played with Drake and wearing Louis Vuitton sportswear for a Vogue campaign in which he stated that "if you look good you play good".

Spike Lee

The current nominee for Best Director at the Academy Awards, Spike Lee, does not miss the weekend of the stars, and this time was no exception. The film director is a known fan of the New York Knicks.

In 1998 he premiered He Got Game, a film that revolves around this sport. This is Jake, a convict temporarily released by the governor to convince his son, Jesus, a talented and promising basketball player, to accept playing in the University of which the governor is an alumnus. Jake is played by Denzel Washington while the role of Jesus is played by Ray Allen, a nine-time All-Star and one of the best NBA triplists, no doubt Spike Lee is a fan.

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Bad Bunny

The reggaeton player was invited to the celebrity game on Friday and was noted for the number of errors and bad passes he made during the game. Before the match, Bad Bunny had shared his basketball jersey on his Instagram account with a bottle of "Michael's Secret Stuff", the magic substance that Michael Jordan gives to the Looney Tunes in the movie Space Jam so they can defeat their rivals Although it was seen that Bad Bunny was not a prominent player, it was the Latin American quota of the weekend of the stars of the NBA.


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