Cultural agenda: contemporary art events that you can't miss

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These are the artistic events of contemporary art that you can't miss

Cultural agenda: contemporary art events that you can not miss

Peru at ARCOmadrid 2019

From February 27 to March 3 in the Spanish capital will be held the International Contemporary Art Fair organized by the Trade Fair Institution of Madrid. The guest country in this version is Peru, which will have all the attention in its production of contemporary art and its artists.

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They are in total twenty-four Peruvian artists that galleries from different countries will represent. Some of the Peruvian galleries that can be found at the fair are -80M2 Livia Benavides, Del Paseo, Forum Ginsberg, among others. There will be a particular architecture and design in this section, which will attract much more to the viewer because it will have the feeling of a new ARCO format when implementing a more exhibition aspect.

The change will be noticed because space is designed so that visitors clearly observe the works of Peruvian artists and that there is also a more respectful space for each of the projects, as each one requires. Each time Latin American art is more observed and valued in other parts of the world. Not only Peru is representing Latin America, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, and Uruguay will also visit the fair and represent the continent.


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Bearers of Meaning in the Amparo Museum (Puebla)

The Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Collection (CPPC) is based in New York and Caracas, and its purpose is to promote the appreciation of Latin American art in all its splendor. Now he arrives in Puebla with the exhibition Carrier of meaning and can be visited until next July 22. In it, you can see works of seventy artists from sixteen countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro, director and chief curator of the collection who has also been the curator of the XXXIII Biennial of São Paulo last year, told La Jornada that in this exhibition you could find more than one hundred pieces that were acquired between the years 1990 and 2015 to enrich the CPPC.

The project, as found on the museum's website, focuses on the dialogues that take place between the collection of contemporary art and modern art, the colonial, nineteenth-century traveling artists and ethnographic objects of the Orinoco River basin. The exhibition, as its name says, shows how artists and their works are bearers of meaning to be analytical thinkers, conscious and aware of their environment.


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