Internal Agency: the first advertising agency within a prison

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La Modelo Prison in Bogota is the first in the world to have an advertising agency where the inmates are the workers

Internal Agency: the first advertising agency within a prison

On February 25 was the inauguration of Agencia Interna, an advertising agency where its workers are inmates of La Modelo Prison in Bogotá.

For 9 months, large advertising agencies in Colombia, such as McCann, Leo Burnett, DDB, Ogilvy, among others, companies such as Facebook, Google and Sergio Arboleda University, were in charge of training 7 prison inmates who completed their studies with a graduation in fundamentals of communication and publicity, and in the creation of an advertising agency that works from inside the Prison.

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The interns had classes in radio and TV production, creative concepts, social networks, advertising strategy, media planning, digital marketing, creation of ideas. The talks and workshops were dictated by the heads of the main advertising agencies of the country, and the diploma awarded was in the name of Sergio Arboleda University, responsible for creating and approving the course's course. Juan Pablo Rocha, dean of the School of Advertising of the university, commented on the project: "I am envious of the professors who have had, I wish the university could have those professors. The best teachers without a doubt."

The Internal Action Foundation has different programs in Colombian prisons. With the slogan "a path to reconciliation and reconciliation", this foundation seeks to generate in the second interns opportunities or, in many cases, a first opportunity. With different projects, among them the new advertising agency, they seek to foster in them the aspiration of life for when they get out of jail.

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The inauguration was attended by Johanna Bahamón, director of the Internal Action Foundation, Camilo Plazas, head of the group of creative agencies, the dean of Sergio Arboleda University and the Minister of Justice, Gloria María Barrero.

The 7 graduates will have as their first project the redesign of the brand of the Internal Action Foundation, where they will make the wedges, television spots and advertisements of the company.

Likewise, Minister Gloria María Barrero reaffirmed her support for this and the other projects that involve inmates of Colombian prisons. "The plan of President Duque is a plan that will transform and humanize the penitentiary and prison system, which seeks the potentialization of all these spaces," said the minister. He also committed to acquire the services of the Internal Agency for everything that is needed in the Ministry of Justice.

In the words of Camilo Plazas, director of the creative project, the agency has as its main reason to be, start building from the opportunities, ending with the pointing positions that are destructive. He also reflected that the assistants would take home "ideas that make life easier for people".

The step to follow of the agency is to begin to realize own projects jointly with other jails, of the hand of the foundation. On the other hand, the Internal Action Foundation will seek to continue training other inmates to grow the agency and to manage different projects and project once they leave prison.


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Translated from "Agencia Interna: la primera agencia de publicidad dentro de una cárcel"