Top 10 Latin American Superheroes

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Even though they are not as famous as the Superheroes of Marvel or DC, there are some heroes of the South American lands. Do you know them?

Top 10 Latin American Superheroes

1. Mirageman

It has its origin in a Chilean film that premiered commercially in 2008. This story tells the story of Mago Gutiérrez, an expert in martial arts and a black belt in karate who works as a security guard in a nightclub. After several incidents, his family is murdered by a criminal gang and his brother raped, leaving him with great psychological consequences, facts that make his life lonely.

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All this situation changes when, instinctively, he decides to help a woman who was going to be raped, puts on a hood and decides to face the thugs, from that day he decides to call himself Mirageman.


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2. Super Cholo

It has its origin in Peruvian comics, specifically in the newspaper El Comercio in 1957. It was created by Francisco Miró Quesada Cantuarias, which aimed to create a vision that evaluates the vision of the Peruvian indigenous, which was involved in feudalistic practices within the agricultural Peruvian for his time.


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3. Gato Negro

Created in 1993 by Richard Dominguez, the Black Cat is a superhero who fights criminal activities in South Texas. Agustín Guerrero, the first character to wear the black cat costume in the 50s, has a successful career in wrestling but decides to use his skills to fight offenders with his knowledge of martial arts, boxing and fighting free.


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4. The Panther

Created in the early 70's Gervasio Robles Villa, better known as El Pantera, is an Indian with green eyes and feline features. It was created by Daniel Muñoz Martinez and Juan Alba.

His story takes place in the Capital of Mexico, where Gervasio works as a special agent within a non-official police group. There, El Pantera solves cases and confronts organized crime with its expertise in martial arts.


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5. Águila Solitaria

Created for the cartoon of Kaliman's adventures, Águila Solitaria is a Mexican superhero created by Héctor González Dueñas in 1976.

Águila Solitaria, son of the great chief White Cloud, is the only survivor of an unknown American tribe and has great physical strength and intelligence, which would be acquired through his cunning and effort. His father was killed by the treasure hunter, gunman and thug, Morgan, to whom he would swear revenge before escaping to the mountains.

Surprised by hunger and cold, Águila Solitaria was raised along with other eagles, who taught him all the arts and ways of the eagles. After this, it would form its wings with feathers of dead eagles, which give it the ability to fly. Once he left his mountain, he began to defend the people of the white man and of mysterious enemies, seeking to avenge the death of his father.


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6. Zambo Dende

Created by the Colombian Nicolás Rodríguez, the Zambo Dende is the story of a liberating hero born in the South American territory of the sixteenth century. After being saved from death, the Zambo learns capoeira and some white magic for the sole purpose of freeing slaves from brotherly peoples. With the help of his father's African heritage and the ancestral blood of his mother, he intends to become a symbol of hope.


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7. El Cazador

This Argentine anti-hero, with airs of Punisher, was created by a comic published between 1992 and 2001, to then be again published in 2010 in Argentina. It is a comic for adults created by Jorge Lucas, along with Ariel Olivetti, Mauro Cascioli, and Claudio Ramírez.

Its history is developed with a critic to the society and the Argentine political class during the decade of the 90's. This arises when 'El Cazador' falls prisoner of a tribe of shamans, which burns an inverted cross on his forehead, as a punishment to his life punishing indigenous people and defending Christendom, forcing demonic spirits to possess him, giving him the faculty of being immortal.


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8. El Santo

Based on the Mexican wrestler El Santo, known as one of the legends of free struggles in that country, El Santo was created in the comics by José Guadalupe Cruz, who would give the name to the iconic character, formerly known as Santo. It began to be published in comics in 1952, a fact that gave it a great reputation and mythologizing the name of the fighter to this day.

In the comic, El Santo fought against villains, which were prototypes of gangsters at first, but little by little he would fight against extraordinary beings like mummies and vampires.


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9. Kalimán

Kalimán was born from a radio program, to later be adapted to Mexican comics. Created by Héctor González Dueñas in 1963 and published in comics two years later, Kalimán is the story of a man descended from the dynasty of the goddess Kali, who devotes his life to struggles against the forces of evil at the hands of his companion Solín, an Egyptian child descended from pharaohs.

Since he has extensive knowledge of martial arts and science, Kaliman does not use weapons. He possesses great healing abilities and mental faculties, with which he confronts a large number of enemies and challenges.


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10. El Chapulín Colorado

With phrases like "They did not count on my cunning" (no contaban con mi astucia) and the introduction: "More agile than a turtle ... stronger than a mouse ... nobler than a lettuce ... its shield is a heart ... it's... The Chapulín Colorado!" (Más ágil que una tortuga... más fuerte que un ratón... más noble que una lechuga... su escudo es un corazón... es... ¡El Chapulín Colorado!)

Chapulín Colorado is a Mexican hero created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños, who began to be broadcast on television for the first time in 1970 and has not stopped being seen, as he is still seen by many Latin American channels and is known by children and adults.

El Chapulín Colorado is a comedy television series that tells the story of this unique hero, who comes to the call of the needy and helps them solve their problems with their best-known weapons: the 'chipote chillón'; the vinyl antennas; the paralyzing cicada; and the 'chiquitolin' pills.


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