Madonna vs. Lady Gaga, and 3 other famous reconciliations

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About the new friendship between Madonna and Lady Gaga, we tell you about other fights between celebrities that are in the past

Madonna vs. Lady Gaga, and 3 other famous reconciliations

The previous Sunday, Madonna offered a party after the Oscars. Among the few photos that leaked of this party, the one that has stood out the most is one that Madonna herself published in her Instagram account with the winner of the Oscar for Best Original Song: Lady Gaga. The two singers had held a small rivalry over the years (a somewhat unbalanced rivalry, as Lady Gaga never denied the admiration she feels for Madonna) and demonstrated with this affectionate photo that their differences had been left behind.

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The fight between the two divas had started in 2011 with the release of Gaga's single "Born this way", which reminded the song "Express yourself" by Madonna in 1989. Before the comparisons between both singers, and the subtle accusations of that Gaga copied the style of Madonna, the queen of pop said in an interview with ABC News at the time that "Born this way" was "reductive".

On other occasions, Madonna went on to say that it was obvious the influence that she would have on Lady Gaga, implying with this that such influence was on the verge of plagiarism. Given this, Lady Gaga said NME interview that she did not plagiarize but took the same chords that the record has taken for years and turned them into radio hits, "it doesn't mean I'm a plagiarist, it means that I'm f---ing smart. Sorry".

The Mother Monster, however, always affirmed in interviews how much she admired Madonna and never denied the influence that the pop queen had on her music and aesthetics. Then, in 2015, Madonna reopened the fight by giving statements about Lady Gaga for Rolling Stone. She also used a piece of "Born this way" in one of her concerts to make fun of the copy. Since then, both were thrown in interviews and even Lady Gaga jokes about the fight in the documentary about her tour.

The fight, however, seems to have ended at the Oscar party.

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These are other fights between celebrities that were left in the past:

1. Kanye West and Taylor Swift

This is a fight that has been resolved and restarted, but we still included it in our list. At the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, Kanye took the stage when Taylor gave her acceptance speech for the Best Female Video award, to say that Beyoncé's video was superior. Six years later, after many interviews and Kanye's tweets saying that he was sorry, at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards Taylor introduced Kanye to finish showing that the fight was already in the past.

However, in 2016, Kanye releases his single "Famous" with the famous phrase "I made that bitch famous" referring to Taylor Swift.

To top it off, the video of the song is starred by realistic figures of naked celebrities in a bed, including Taylor Swift. People close to the singer showed outrage at the song and Kim Kardashian, the wife of Kanye, said in interviews that Taylor knew about the song and had given her permission. Since then, the singer and Kim Kardashian started throwing themselves on Twitter and in interviews, so we still do not know if this is a fight that is in the past or that has moved from Kanye to his wife Kim.

2. Paris Hilton and Nicoles Richie

The two best friends starred in the reality show The Simple Life, in which both abandoned their luxurious and glamorous life to have a simple life in which they had to work to get what they wanted. For the fourth season of the television program, Paris and Nicole were no longer friends. They recorded this season in separate houses and only coincided on screen during a chapter.

In 2005, Paris told People that "it's not big secret that Nicole and I are no longer friends, Nicole knows what she did, and that's all I'm ever going to say about it". In 2006 they met for the fifth and final season, but it was not clear if the fight was over.

In 2008, Hilton premiered the first season of Paris Hilton My New BFF, a reality show in which she was looking for a new or new best friend. Sometime later, in a chapter of Watch What Happens Live, Nicole Richie referred to Paris as her friend and said that even if they did not speak as before, they were still close. So we assume that the fight that separated them before was already behind.


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3. Seth Rogen and Justin Bieber

They had "something like a beef", in the words of Rogen for Ellen DeGeneres. In 2014, Seth Rogen had tweeted "All jokes aside, Justin Bieber is a piece of shit".

Since then, there was tension between the singer and the actor. Rogen, then, apologized in the Ellen DeGeneres program for calling Justin Bieber without knowing him, says he had no reason to do so. Ellen, to make peace between the two of them, received Justin Bieber on her show during the same program in which she interviewed Seth Rogen. The singer came on stage with a mask of the actor and both embraced to leave the fight behind.

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