Milan Fashion Week's weirdest outfits

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We bring you the curiosities that most surprised us during Milan Fashion Week, one of its capitals

Milan Fashion Week's weirdest outfits

In Milan Fashion Week, one of the industry's capitals, brands such as Gucci, Fendi, Versace, and Armani exhibited their newest collections. As always, the runway was full of curiosities that we asked ourselves if we would use in the street or for the office. Here we show you the outfits that most caught our attention and that make up an important part of the parade of your favorite design houses.

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Gucci's kneepads


Alessandro Michele, creative director of the firm, presented during Milan Fashion Week Gucci's 2019 autumn collection. In it, a variety of curious outfits was seen. The fashion show was a masquerade in which some of the models wore masks, eye masks or strange glasses. Bright and warm colors predominated. They combined reds and oranges with yellows and fuchsias. Great and eclectic this new collection of the recently sabotaged Gucci. The most curious item we found were these white kneepads. Not only the outfit is an eccentricity, but also the way in which they are combined draws attention: put on pink mesh stockings, white heels and accompanied by silver shin guards.

Craig Green's inflatable and foldable outfits


The Moncler Genius brought together nine different designers in a single house during the fashion week to show their different voices. Among them was Craig Green's house, who exhibited its latest collection of outfits consisting of large volumes that can be folded and flattened. Thus, these outfits change drastically in size and may shrink or enlarge as needed.

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Versace's belt harnesses


It is not the first time they do it. During their fashion show in Milan, the Versace models wore bondage-type harnesses in the night looks. These harnesses are made from leather belts, reminiscent of the iconic dress, made from belts, that Gianni Versace designed for his sister Donatella in 1993. This is a risky but traditional look if one takes into account that it is almost a quarter of a century old and is one of the signatures of the design house. It can be used, why not, as an outfit to party.

Byblos' plush outfits


Byblos Crystallized FW 19/20 Runway Show. #byblos #byblosCrystallized #byblosFW19 #ManuelFacchini

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Again, the rarity is not necessarily the outfit but the new uses and combinations given by the designers. In this case, it is the Fall / Winter 2019/2020 collection of the Byblos house. This fashion show was composed of futuristic outfits of metallic colors, alive and iridescent. These geometric and angular outfits were combined plush of all colors, a combination that does not usually occur or that is done with other earth colors and soft textures. This risk of Byblos goes, besides, not only in head and neck but also in hands and feet, because this material covers the boots worn by some of the models of the fashion show.

The inflated haute couture of Pier Paolo Piccioli


Also for the Moncler Genius salon and in the same wave of Craig Green, Pier Paolo Piccioli designed these high-fashion couture dresses. Unlike the previous one, which is more sporting, Piccioli wanted to do something elegant. The result is these dresses that seem inflated and that are very close to the trend of inflated clothing that was seen in Milan Fashion Week, in which the same Moncler brand modeled bulky outfits that we had only seen in the form of vest or winter jacket.

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