5 sustainable business opportunities

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In LatinAmerican Post we tell you 5 ideas to undertake that also take care of the environment

5 sustainable business opportunities

Nowadays, many want to have their own company and become entrepenurs. What we do not always know is how to make our business idea sustainable both economically and environmentally. That's why LatinAmerican Post has a list of 5 ideas that can help you choose your business without neglecting the environment and that can be very successful.

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1. Advertising bicycles

The use of the bicycle as a means of transport is becoming more frequent. This alternative has multiple benefits such as not producing any type of pollution and also improves the physical and mental state of those who use it.

Besides being an incredible means of transport, the bicycle can become a means to promote goods and services; that is, you can sell advertising and promote products in an innovative way in these vehicles.


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Entrepenur explains that you can hire several drivers who travel through different areas (strategically selected) and put a GPS on each bike to post the kilometers traveled and the time used. You can sell this service and post the rates according to the number of bicycles you count on and the kilometers the drivers travel.

2. Natural beauty products

If you are passionate about cosmetics and want to start in this industry, this is a good idea for you. Those who use makeup and beauty products have begun to prefer cosmetics that are made with natural elements, that do not have so many chemicals, and that have not been tested on animals.


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In this industry you have several options, for example you can sell eyelashes, powders (shadows, blush, etc.) and creams made with natural elements such as shea butter, cornstarch, natural pigments and arrowroot powder. If you want to know how to make them, in this article we tell how.

3. Organic restaurant and pastry

Food has become an essential factor to take care for the planet and our body. Several have decided to change their diet and become vegetarians or vegans and many others have decided to eat only organic products. However, it is not always easy to find these foods or confirm that they really are.

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Open a restaurant or pastry that uses and certifies that the food sold there is organic is an excellent business opportunity. You will be offering your customers the possibility of accessing these products in a simple and delicious way. In addition you can exploit a market that is growing and that may interest other people who suffer, for example, diabetes.

4. Natural grooming products

Toilet products are often full of chemicals that promise to disinfect and leave your home clean and shiny. Unfortunately, these chemicals can affect the planet and life in it. Some compounds can even harm human health. The good news is that you can make cleaning products at home that do not pollute and market them.

This is an industry that annually dedicates 366 million dollars and in many cases the cleaning and beauty products add points to the GDP of different countries.

What products to sell? In most households, people need soap, liquid cleans floors, and bleach to disinfect. You can start with these 3 products and expand your offer. 3 toiletry products that you can make at home .

5. Vertical gardens

The function of trees and plants is essential to clean the air and mitigate the impact of pollution. This is why having a vertical garden at home will positively impact the environment, health and give a modern touch to homes and offices.


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In fact, in many places we can already see these walls full of colorful plants. However, the trend is not widespread due to the high costs involved in acquiring one.

What you can do, to start your business, is to offer cheaper alternatives but equally effective. For this you will have to partner with nurseries and greenhouses to get the best prices for the plants. Customarily, you must look for suppliers with competitive prices to acquire the irrigation system.


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