3 scholarships for Latin Americans in Fine Arts

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We tell you everything about some of the scholarships for Latin Americans in the career of Fine Arts

Know 3 scholarships for Latin Americans in Fine Arts

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For many studying abroad is a dream that rarely can be fulfilled because it implies a very high cost. But many scholarships help reduce these costs. Here we tell you about some of the scholarships that exist for those who wish to study Fine Arts.

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Residence for artists in Foro La NaBe, Mexico

The call held by Iberescena and Foro La NaBe, in Mexico, is open until March 15 at 11 pm (Mexico). This is aimed at artists in multiple disciplines of Latin America and Spain. It will be held in Mexico City and will last twenty days where two specific topics will be addressed: Childhood and old age, a matter of all and Adolescence, arts, crafts, and games: an option to avoid drug use, as published by the portal becasparatodos.com.

Some of the conditions to be able to participate are: that your country is a member of Iberescena, those who attend may not be residents or have Mexican nationality, must have previously carried out projects focused on the community and the social, among other requirements. Among the benefits that you could have if you get to obtain this scholarship are: the place to stay and food covered, travel insurance, a roundtrip ticket from destination to Mexico, among others.

Scholarship for Master in Curatorial Studies in Spain

The University of Navarra (Spain) has open scholarship applications until next March 7. The program has a duration of seven months where the beneficiary will receive five hundred hours of face-to-face classes and will have a compulsory internship period in the candidate's country of origin of at least one month, maximum six months. Within the requirements of the Carolina Foundation are: be part of countries of the Ibero-American Community of Nations or Portugal, except Spain, have a degree in Fine Arts, History of Art, History, among others, as published by the portal becasparatodos.com. Among the benefits that it has are € 9750 of tuition, € 750 per month for lodging and maintenance during your instance in Spain, the ticket to and from the country of origin and medical insurance without including pharmacists.


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Award to the Latin American illustration of the University of Palermo

The call is open for professionals and students who dedicate themselves to illustration until next March 22. This is an initiative of the University of Palermo in Argentina and aims to disseminate the creations of Latin American artist, that's this year's theme is Latin Identities, as published by the portal becasparatodos.com. The illustrations have technical specifications such as that it is in a panel of 29.7 cm x 42 cm (A3) vertical or horizontal, that in digital format is jpg (RGB), has a maximum weight of five megabytes, among others. The winner will receive USD 2,000, and the amount will be delivered in Argentine pesos according to the change of day.


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