These are the winners of the India Catalina Awards

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On March 10, the India Catalina Awards were presented in the city of Cartagena, Colombia. Here we tell you who the winners were

These are the winners of the India Catalina Awards

The India Catalina Awards are presented within the framework of the International Film Festival of Cartagena (FICCI) to reward and celebrate the best productions of Colombian television in the last year. This was its version number 32.

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An important part of Colombian television, both historically and currently, are telenovelas. This year Fernando Gaitán died, writer of many that would mark the way of Colombian television. In addition to a tribute to the great telenovela writer, the India Catalina Awards rewards the best in the genre.

These were the winners:

  • Better antagonistic actor of telenovela or series: Jorge Cao - La Ley del Corazón - RCN Television
  • Better antagonistic actress of telenovela or series: Mabel Moreno - La Reina del Flow - Caracol Television
  • Best leading soap opera or serial actor: Santiago Alarcón - Garzón - RCN Televisión
  • Outstanding leading actress of telenovela or series: Patricia Castañeda - Débora, la mujer que desnudó Colombia - Teleantioquia
  • Best Supporting Actor in a Telenovela or Series: Iván López - La Ley del Corazón 2 - RCN Televisión
  • Best telenovela or serial actress: Cecilia Navia - Garzón- RCN Televisión
  • Best telenovela or series director: Sergio Cabrera - Garzón- RCN Televisión.
  • Best telenovela or series libretto: Juan Carlos Pérez - Garzón- RCN Televisión
  • Best telenovela or series: Garzón- RCN Televisión

Journalism and sports also nourish Colombian television productions. These were the winners in these categories:

  • Best regional or local newscast: Citynoticias - Citytv
  • Best national news: Noticias UNO  - Channel 1
  • Best sports production: Giro de Italia special coverage - Señal Colombia
  • Best News and / or Sports Presenter: Mabel Lara - UNO News - Channel 1
  • Best journalistic production for television: Los Informantes - Caracol Televisión

Productions for the internet have opened space within the industry and these awards are no exception.

  • Best influencer with audiovisual digital content: Liss Pereira - 5 Minutitos más
  • Best Online Production: 5 Minutes más
  • Best web fiction series: Roma, descubre el amor al revés - Canal Capital

These are the winners in categories related to children's productions, an indispensable part of weekend programming and especially in local channels.

  • Best audiovisual production of animation: Crónicas Elefantiles - Señal Colombia
  • Best Children's and / or Youth Program: La Voz Kids - Caracol Televisión
  • Best child talent in the national audiovisual industry: Juan Sebastian Laverde - La Voz Kids - Caracol Television

While the series and telenovelas are part of the entertainment industry, there are also other productions that entertain without necessarily being fiction productions. Here are the winners in this category.

  • Best entertainment program: Lethal TV - Canal RED +
  • Best reality show or contest: Master chef Celebrity - RCN Televisión
  • Best Presenter (a) of Entertainment Programs: Santiago Moure - La lettal Telefono - Canal RED +
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These were the favorites of the public and the most popular winners:

  • Best favorite talent of the public: Carolina Ramírez - La Reina del Flow - Caracol Television
  • Best favorite production of the public: La Reina del Flow - Caracol Television
  • Actress or Actor Revelation of the Year: Diana Belmonte - Garzón - RCN Televisión

Other categories and some special mentions:

  • Special mention for better production of social inclusion: Labels - Canal Telepacífico
  • Special mention for better community channel production: Coca, the sacred plant - Colectivo de Comunicaciones Wind Corporation in Popa for Moreno Tv Timbío
  • Best photographer: Juan Carlos Gil ADFC - Wild District - Netflix
  • Best Art Director: Diego Guarnizo and Germán Lizaralde - Loquito por ti - Caracol Television
  • Best music director: Andrés Peláez - Loquito por ti - Caracol Televisión
  • Best Documentary for Television: Llínas, the Brain and the Universe - Señal Colombia


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