These are 3 of the strangest and most controversial performances

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Performance is the art of love and hate for the number of sensations that can be transmitted, here some of the strangest and most controversial

These are 3 of the strangest and most controversial performances

The performance is an avant-garde artistic action where several fields of art such as music, dance, theater, and plastic arts come together. Many times these tend to convey positive and negative feelings to the viewer. That is why we want to tell you three of the performances that have come out of the hands of artists as strange and controversial.

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1. Exhibition N. 1 - Guillermo Vargas (Alias Habacuc)

The Nicaraguan artist became known in 2007 for his work at the Códice Contemporary Art Gallery in Managua. His work at that time was to tie a stray dog, sick and not to feed or drink. According to the website Las 2 Orillas, Vargas said that the inspiration for his work would have been the way an addict in Costa Rica died in 2005, after being devoured by two security dogs.

According to this, the situation that was witnessed by police, firefighters and the guard of the place but also by the press that filmed everything. Social networks collapsed because of the debate that was formed around the issue, but Habacuc is an artist who has given much to talk about for many of the things he has done in the name of art. For acts such as these, he has been banned from presenting at events such as ARTBO in 2019 in Bogotá, Colombia.


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2. I Like Pigs and Pigs Like Me - Miru Kim

The artist born in South Korea, for the Art Fair of Miami (Art Basel Miami Beach) in 2011, carried out a performance that consists of getting into a naked industrial pigsty to live with pigs for four days continuing her work. It was projected in New York, as it was published by the newspaper abc.es. The objective of this artistic action was to generate awareness and reflection on the intimate relationship of man, skin to skin, with the animal most consumed by it: the pig, as published by the same portal.


3. Yann Marussich - "Bain Brisé" (2011)

The work of this Swiss artist consists of submerging in a bathtub with 600 kilograms of glass. During his visit to Colombia last November, we talked with him, and he said he had no accident whatsoever until then with the performance. Being an action that requires so much concentration, the artist said that it took six hours to prepare mentally before performing the performance. Also, during the presentation felt the energy of people, said that many cried. Within his plans for the future is to immerse himself in fresh cement and wait for it to harden so that a machine can take him out of there alive.


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