LG presents its new solar panels with better performance and power

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The company LG is committed to a new technology of clean energy qualified to provide greater rent in the use of its solar panels

LG presents its new solar panels with better performance and power

In 2018, there was a global growth of 35% in clean energy, thanks to the sustainable energy services developed by companies such as LG.

This year is present in the evolution of energy with its new models of solar panels, exhibited in the Madrid Desing Festival, which promises with its use a more participatory world with the environment, since, its design of solar panels are elaborated with high strength materials in monocrystalline format and CELLO technology; offering a yield of 93% and 30% power for 25 years, positioning the product as the "most efficient and qualified in the market, capable of certifying its performance". The director of LG ibéria commented in the exhibition.

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Their Category of solar panels

It consists of three categories: LG NeOn2 and LG NeON R, both are intended for residential use, but, the difference is that LG NeON R, has higher performance for its 370w power and its module is the most stable for all conditions environmental, on the other hand, the LG NeOn2 incorporates the CELLO technology that improves the electrical production. And finally, LG NeOn 2 bifacial, qualified as an innovator at the Madrid Desing Festival for having 514w of power, with a performance of 98% in its first year and a minimum of 86% for 25 years; In addition, it generates energy from both sides of the plate, which allows it to reach more power and efficiency with less space.

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Benefits of having it

Every year is more the commitment that exists with the environment and with it, the increase of buyers in environmental energy systems, but, despite the fact that there are companies that offer numerous methods for the consumption of solar energy, there is still ignorance and restlessness in public about the advantages that the implementation of this type of energy systems brings.

One of these benefits is the significant savings in the electricity bill, given that the house will have a free electric self-consumption generated by the sun, in addition, the cost of sustenance of the solar panels is minimal, because its maintenance is annual and Only one cleaning should be done; also, the house will be valued at the time of sale, since it generates its light 100% sustainable and green. On the other hand, the use of solar panels contributes to minimizing the emission of gases harmful to the atmosphere.


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