This is the technique that the Japanese use to attract good energies

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Originally from Japan, Osaji is the new trend recommended by the Gurus of the organization to help you purify the soul using total cleaning of the home

This is the technique that the Japanese use to attract good energies

Japan, a country famous for its culture and gastronomy, once again surprises the world with its customs: this time the Gurus teach an original practice of the country, recommended to purify the soul and attract good energies.

Osaji, or ceremony of great cleaning, is a Japanese tradition that consists of performing a thorough cleaning at home, business, company or school. The intention is cleaning and eliminating things that are no longer used or that bring bad memories. Clean the space that surrounds us in our daily life is also to cleanse our soul.

Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo, famous Guru of the organization, advises in her reality show of Netflix Tidying Up with Marie Kondo to start by the lockers and leave the objects of sentimental value for the end. She also recommends that only things that really make them happy and that transmit confidence be preserved, but also suggests that at the moment of discarding something to appreciate and thank for its use, this with the purpose of liberating oneself positively from objects, since the intention is to purify, not to generate bad energies at the moment that the cleaning is taking place.


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What is the Osaji?

To perform the Osaji, the person must be focused on knowing what they want to achieve at the end of the ceremony, whether it is eliminating toxic people from their lives or improving their economy. Once your goal is determined, you must begin to clean your space with intention, being aware that you are cleaning to reach the goal that was set. You can do it with your home, workplace or business; You can also do it accompanied by your partner, close people or children.

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In the Osaji, it starts cleaning from top to bottom, that is, beginning with the roof and ending with the floor, the dirt must be deposited in bags, which should be divided into the dirt, unused items and objects with sentimental value to be discarded because they bring bad memories. Once the area that is being worked on is cleaned and organized, the bags should be removed immediately, since leaving them while cleaning is finished, the discarded energies can adhere to new objects.

Also get rid of overdue bills, pay the outstanding bills and debts (if you do not have the money, make an economic strategy to pay them with a limited date to fulfill it). To have an optimal life you must have a clean and orderly space to attract good energies and be ready the moment they arrive, so they will be received with pleasure and will last.


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Translated from "Conoce la técnica que utilizan los japoneses para atraer buenas energías "

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