NFL: champion quarterback Nick Foles is now a Jaguar

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The NFL reflects interesting team moves in its long preseason. Others that also stand out are Antonio Brown and Joe Flacco

NFL: champion quarterback Nick Foles is now a Jaguar

The first major preseason movement in the NFL has already started: Nick Foles, the Super Bowl champion quarterback with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2018, leaves the Pennsylvania team and lands in Florida to play for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Thus, one of the most sought after free agents in the market has new equipment, a franchise that expects to return to the competitive level after a lousy 2018.

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Through its Twitter account, the League published the information with credit to reporter Ian Rapoport. Although the official contract numbers have not been announced, many media speculate on a four-year $ 88 million contract, 50 of which would be guaranteed.


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As he reminds RRNoticias from México, in February 2018 and before Carson Wentz's fracture, Foles guided the Eagles in obtaining the first ring in the history of the franchise. In fact, the marshal was named the Super Bowl MVP LIII. Last season, Wentz was injured again and it seemed to be the right moment for Foles, with his good performances, to take over the ownership. Even so, Philadelphia had dilemmas between the ex-quarterback of the Rams and Wentz, which caused Foles' exit.

The Jacksonville Jaguars, which were one move away from defeating the New England Patriots in the 2017-18 conference finals, have moved and cut his former quarterback Black Bortles, so they continue to build a team that resembles the one from two years ago and not the recent campaign. In Foles, without a doubt, they made great hiring and have a spearhead to obtain the cup, assured RRNoticias.

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Foles will play with Jacksonville for the next four seasons, until 2022 for 88 million dollars and, depending on his achievements in the franchise, could win up to 102 million with incentives. The signing became official on March 13, and even the Eagles themselves gave a farewell video to Foles, thanking him for his achievements with the club.

In fact, according to Milenio, the Eagles moved and recovered DeSean Jackson, a receiver who returns to the institution after playing with the Washington Redskins and the Tampa Bay Bucaneers to catch Carson Wentz's throws.

Steelers restructure

After a terrible campaign, a team accustomed to competing as the Pittsburgh Steelers have started what may be a restructuring. After almost ten years, their star receiver Antonio Brown has gone to a team with fewer aspirations like the Oakland Raiders. Despite his impressive numbers, Brown could never win a Super Bowl for Pittsburgh, along with a Ben Roethlisberger who has already left behind his best years.

Brown's departure will allow the Steelers to begin the renewal with a third-round selection of the 2019 draft and one of the fifth round of the 2020 draft after Brown and LeVon Bell's own exits. In turn, Oakland swells its ranks with the best wide receiver in the league since 2014 at a good price, mainly for its age of 31 years.

The question Mediotiempo asked and that everyone is asking: What brought Brown to Oakland? The answer seems very easy: money. Pittsburgh was not going to give him so much money, while the Raiders offered him a juicy three-year contract and more than 50 million dollars, 30 of them already insured in his account. Of course, in Oakland, Brown is much further away from raising the Vince Lombardi Trophy than with the Steelers.

In turn, ESPN Deportes assures that the Steelers have already agreed to new contracts for Maurkice Pouncey and Ramon Foster. The new deals represent a significant investment by Pittsburgh to protect quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

Without Brown, JuJu Smith-Schuster will be Pittsburgh's top receiver, at least for the first season. Last season he had the most receptions of the Steelers with 111 and played the first Pro Bowl of his career. He will be supported by another veteran, Ryan Switzer, who had a positive impact with 36 receptions and 253 yards.

Flacco in a new professional cycle

The rope between the Baltimore Ravens and Joe Flacco could no longer stand. Más Deporte offers details of what the agreement was for free agency. It was so untenable Flacco that the Ravens preferred to pay the 16 million money to the player, corresponding to outstanding bonuses, but otherwise released 10.5 million for someone they did not want. In the next draft, they will receive an intermediate election, possibly a fourth round.

From Baltimore's point of view, it seems a relief, not like that for Denver. Why? First, because when Flacco arrived at the Broncos, Gary Kubiak, his offensive coordinator in 2014 who 'shattered' the league, was related to the team, but finally a better offer from the Minnesota Vikings made him abandon the ship and leave Flacco alone.

Second, because of an economic aspect. According to Más Deporte, Flacco will earn 18.5 million in 2019, 20.25 in 2020, and 24.25 in 2021 with the advantage that a possible dismissal will not have any added cost against the salary limit. The problem is that they already have another important quarterback: Case Keenum, who has a year left on his contract.

If Keenum is still on the team he will have to charge 18 million dollars, so firing him would mean 10 million dead, which would force them to almost transfer him to another franchise. Returning to Baltimore, with the departure of Flacco it is clear that Lamar Jackson, who already started in several games in 2018, will be the team's big bet for 19-20.


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