NBA: are the Gasol brothers facing each other on their new teams?

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In search of a title in the best basketball in the world, the Milwaukee Bucks and Toronto Raptors were armed with the hiring of the brothers Pau and Marc Gasol

NBA: are the Gasol brothers facing each other on their new teams?

Prior to the closing of the transfer market in the NBA and thinking about the high probability of qualifying to the Eastern Conference finals and even season, the sets of Milwaukee Bucks and Toronto Raptors played their last card with the hiring nothing more and nothing less than Pau Gasol and Marc Gasol, respectively, for the rest of the current campaign of the best basketball in the world.

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Pau, from the San Antonio Spurs, led by Gregg Popovich, decided to change the air, as his role under the boards came down and for which the Bucks, who march leaders of the Eastern Conference with a record of 51 won and 17 lost, decided to bring it and further strengthen the area painted with the presence of the Greek Giannis Antetokounmpo and Brook Lopez. In addition, he ended up uniting his compatriot Nikola Mirotic, according to the NBA portal.

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After the transfer to the Bucks, the Spaniard who will wear number 17 on his back was pleased by his arrival and made his goals clear. "I am very excited to start a new stage in a franchise of the height of the Bucks, I am a team player and face this new challenge with the commitment and motivation to add value and collaborate to achieve the dream of the fans: fight for the ring, "said the pivot to the Antena 2 portal.

With the arrival of the 36-year-old, the Bucks' technical director, Mike Budenholzer, will have a double offensive weapon with different characteristics. On the one hand, when Antetokounmpo is on the court, the offensive usually ends in a quick break by the Greek that ends in a dunk or a shot of medium or long distance, this being a major factor in the franchise being the second with more shots in the entire NBA since the three-line. With this, precisely, Pau could generate more options in the boards with his shot of medium distance and at the same time free space so that the Greek has more freedom to score, according to Marca.com.

With 18 seasons in the NBA, the Spaniard has won a pair of champion rings in a total of 1,123 contested matches, 1,150 of them as starters among the Grizzlies Memphis, Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, and his most recent former team. San Antonio Spurs.


Mark Gasol moves to Toronto

For the opposite wax, his brother Marc Gasol was not far behind and, after playing for more than a decade for the Grizzlies Memphis, now comes to the city of Toronto to wear the uniform of the Toronto Raptors in exchange for Jonas Valanciunas, JD Miles , Devon Wright plus a second-round pick in the 2024 draft that would go to Memphis, information given by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

The departure of Valanciunas and the arrival of Marc Gasol to the Raptors, would require a valuable contribution from the Spaniard who, in the words of his coach in the Spanish team Sergio Scariolo and who serves as assistant to the Toronto coach, Nike Nurse, is not a player so athletic but knows how to move, has a respectable defense and making a pair with Serge Ibaka or center Pascal Siakam would contribute his bit with his short-range shot, better known as Off Ball, according to Solo Basket.

In addition to the aforementioned players who will be with Gasol, highlights the presence of Kevin Leonard, the base Kyle Lowry among others. The Raptors currently march in box number two, escorting the Bucks with a record of 48 wins and 20 losses, according to ESPN.

The most striking without doubt of the contracting of the Gasol brothers to the aforementioned teams of the NB, is a hypothetical confrontation between the two in a final of the Eastern Conference if things continue to go as they go and the fight for the internal game between Both sets would be the main attraction of the series in the struggle to get to obtain the title.


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