5 incredible services specialized for pets

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With the increase in the number of adoptions, specialized services are multiplied and thus, the owners can have everything within reach

5 incredible services specialized for pets

With the growing culture of animal protection, adoptions have increased and with it the potential market for pets. Although the trend has developed more in Europe, the United States or Canada, over time has had an impact in Latin America, which begins to integrate many services that have become basic for pets.

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For some, these services seem an exaggeration, especially when they explain it from the point of view of the humanization of animals, however, the youngest have chosen to take advantage of these services for their pets, especially among the so-called millennials.


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The pet industry continues to grow strongly, especially in countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Brazil, which according to Euromonitor International, cited by the site Yahoo!, represents approximately 10,000 million dollars in the region, according to 2017 figures. Therefore, we highlight some services that have shown growth in Latin America:

1. Prostheses

Prostheses have become an essential element in veterinary clinics, because pets are not exempt from the dangers of the streets or diseases, which can cause the loss of some limb. According to Televisa News, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, United Kingdom, rejects the use of surgeries on animals for aesthetic purposes, so the prostheses have been developed mostly for animals that otherwise would not walk again, among other difficulties. Entrepreneurs and university students take advantage of technology, such as 3D printing, to create prostheses that help animals.


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2. Funeral services

Funeral Pet is a Mexican company that began its journey in 1998, in an environment where its owner was mocked for his proposal to cremate pets as it is done with people.

Almost 21 years later, his company is successful and has developed a service that meets all aspects of the loss of a pet: the transfer of the body in a carriage to the crematorium, a small farewell ceremony, cremation and even the possibility of have the accompaniment of a tanatologist to support in the grieving process children who lose their little friends, thus preventing parents from hiding the death of the pet and helping them to cope with the loss, according to the magazine Entrepreneur.

In Latin America, stories similar to those of Funeral Pet occur, the Colombian magazine Portafolio affirms that the La Esperanza Antioquia funeral home makes approximately 2,500 cremations per year, which shows the importance of these services.

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3. Pet insurance

Although the most common is the insurance that covers damages caused by pets, the market has expanded and has created insurance that serves other needs. For example, in Colombia, insurer Sura offers medical insurance and life insurance, while Mapfre in Mexico also offers cover for search expenses in case of loss and lodging expenses for the pet in case of hospitalization of the owner . Throughout Latin America there are several packages with different coverages, which adapt to the needs of customers.


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4. Pet accommodation

Dog Houser is commonly called the "Airbnb for pets", a magnificent presentation letter for the company of Peruvian origin. The company is already operating in Spain and Latin America, where it expects to operate in Colombia and Chile in 2019, according to the newspaper El Comercio. Like Airbnb, Dog Houser connects people who are willing to care for pets and have space for it, ensuring that the owner of the animal can decide where his pet is going to stay.



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5. "Psychologist"

Daisy Catalina Amador Sánchez, specialist in small animals of the National University of Colombia, told the newspaper El Tiempo, that you can treat the behavior of animals, something called ethology in the field of veterinary medicine.

The most common cases are the aggressiveness of the pet, where Amador Sánchez recommends identifying the factors that trigger it, whether physical or not, so only a professional can determine what is the procedure to follow after an evaluation, since the behavior in animals does not necessarily have the same origin in all.


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