Pet Friendly Hotels: do not leave your pet at home

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You will not have problems with your pet when traveling, because now you can find hotels where they are welcome in almost any part of the world

Pet Friendly Hotels: do not leave your pet at home

The travel search platform Trabber launched a ranking that shows the growing trend of hotels that host pets. The study also showed that most of the times the pet that is carried are dogs. According to these results, the tendency of one year after another to find hotels with facilities for pets grew by more than 2%, which has made hotels adapt to these needs.

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Something interesting in this new way of vacationing is that hotels are not only admitting pets, but many are adapting for them. That is to say, inside some hotels you will find exclusive places for pets: hairdressers, spas, nurseries and rooms suitable for your dog to enjoy a warm atmosphere.

Currently, Europe continues to dominate this trend, with France, Austria, Germany, and Italy at the head, where around 50% of their hotels are of this type. This happens mainly because within the European Union no special health permit is needed to travel with pets.


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The panorama in Latin America

However, in America and specifically Latin America, the trend is also growing. A usual search for users who need a hotel on the Trabber platform is to know if they have availability to take dogs.

9.2% of these users looking for hotels in Latin America ask for these specifications, which is a call for the hotel industry and a warning that the trend will continue to grow in the coming years. This happens especially because having a dog is no longer limited to people who have farms or large spaces, as they are now a family member or a companion for those who travel alone.

Although there is no Latin American country in the top 10 of this ranking, of the 30 countries, 7 are from the region.

Brazil: 24%

Uruguay: 21%

Colombia: 17%

Peru: 13%

Mexico: 13%

Argentina: 12%

Chile: 11%

Thanks to this trend, many hotel chains are including this service as they have understood that pets can become more important to some users than themselves. This is why hotels are offering spa service for dogs, so that their owners feel a great attention and service. Likewise, under the tag 'Very Important Pets' (VIP), pets are even given a welcome kit with special treats, or there are menus made for them, personalized depending on their size or age.


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