The new rival in international cycling is called INEOS

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The era of Team Sky is over, which will now be called team INEOS, in honor of the multinational chemistry, its new sponsor

The new rival in international cycling is called INEOS

Much was speculated during the month of December after the powerful company Sky announced the withdrawal of its sponsorship of the British cycling team. It was thought that the brilliant cycling era led by David Brailsford and headed by Chris Froome was over. Nothing further from reality.

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It turns out that, a few days ago and with the aim of nipping false rumors of the end of the sports project, the approval of the total sponsorship by the English multinational chemistry company INEOS was confirmed. They will assume the economic reins of the template from the next month of May on, just a few days before the flag rises to check the Giro d'Italia.

Now, the question that arises from the sudden announcement is: what is coming from now on for Brailsford's boys?, and above all, will there be any considerable change in the bosom of this successful squad? In this special section of Latin American Post, we give you the answers.

The end of the Sky team

The first thing to understand is that the Sky team was, without a doubt, the most important team in the history of world cycling. Six Tour de France, one of Bradley Wiggins, four of Chris Froome and one of Geraint Thomas, among many other victories, assume that the English have been lords and masters of the discipline.

However, it is equally true that, just as they have had this immeasurable success during all these years, the controversies within the project have also managed to affect it. The biggest one was have been those that are linked to rumors of doping and foul play, the main reason why, according to El Espectador, Sky decided to announce the breakup of sponsorship.

"The accusations by the use of salbutamol of Chris Froome ignited a fire that still conserves some flames in the collective memory of the fans. Issues of business reputation and murky public relations before the coarse gaze of the International Cycling Union, the British Parliament, most of the World Tour teams and a hobby that does not tolerate more scandals in this sport, were the three main causes of this end ", noted El Espectador.

The birth of INEOS

However, it seems that INEOS does not care about all this scandalous fire of comments, because, although it has not yet been possible to know the figure of sponsorship, it was leaked that it will be from the first of May, one day before the start of the Giro d'Italia, when the uniforms and all the media equipment will be announced.


"The INEOS cyclists will wear their new uniforms for the first time on May 2, at the Yorkshire Tour, and of course they will wear them next May when the Giro d'Italia begins," the INEOS company confirmed in a statement broadcast by Mundo Deportivo.

A millionaire behind this story

What is certain is that behind all this story there is a name that was already known and has much to do with the negotiation of purchase and continuity of the Brailsford project: Jim Ratcliffe, founder president of INEOS and one of the richest people in the world, who already assured that the objective is to continue the wonderful work style that the old Sky already had.

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"Cycling is a fantastic tactical and endurance sport, which is gaining more and more popularity around the world. In addition, cycling continues to gain support among the general public because it is perceived as something good for physical fitness and health," said the president of the chemical multinational. According to the portal El Colombiano, the tycoon wants to continue investing millions in sports, and it seems that his next goal would be to buy Chelsea FC of the English Premier League.

Change of name but not of plans

However, what is clear, for those who know cycling and Brailsford's way of managing things, is that the sporting aspect will not change, at least not in the short term. On the contrary, cyclists can gain tranquility and motivation as a result of this new beginning.

"This ends with the uncertainty surrounding the team. The speed with which it has occurred reflects a huge vote of confidence in our future. The boys are now calmer and fully focused on their cyclist performance," confirmed the strategist to Mundo Deportivo, portal to which he also said that the leaders, including the Colombian Egan Bernal in the Giro d'Italia, will remain.


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