Cultural agenda: art events that you cannot miss

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Here we tell you about exhibitions and art events that you cannot miss

Cultural agenda: art events that you can not miss

Portraits of Bewilderment the exhibition that unites art with gambling addiction

The Argentine painter Alejandro Avakian was invited by the WGM Foundation to carry out the art exhibition based on the different instances of the problem of gambling as published by the portal yogonet.com. The term defined by the RAE as the "Pathological addiction to electronic or random games." The artist had to investigate this pathology, and through his expressionist art, he captured all those sensations that he experienced during that exploration, as Yogonet affirmed.

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But not only the artist was the one who was part of this exhibition. According to Yogonet the foundation invited specialists with different professional approaches to convey verbally everything that the artist had created through art, and also writers, journalists, theologians, sociologists and someone who had overcome this addiction, a question that, as the portal explains, helped the sample to have an interdisciplinary vision so that the focus on the subject could be further enriched.

Until next April 5 during business days you can visit the sample in Annex A of the Chamber of Deputies, located in the City of Buenos Aires, as Yogonet says, the gambling addiction must be approached from the social, political and the cultural An interesting artistic proposal that you can not miss.


Una publicación compartida de Alejandro Avakian (@alejandro_avakian) el



Una publicación compartida de Alejandro Avakian (@alejandro_avakian) el


Art Paris 2019

From April 4 to 7, Art Paris 2019 will take place, a fair in which 150 galleries of modern and contemporary art from twenty countries, including Europeans, Asians, and Latin Americans will participate. Also, sixty artists from Latin America will involve, among them Argentines, Colombians, Brazilians, Chileans, Mexicans, Peruvians, Venezuelans, and Cubans. In his sample will be highlighted the interesting of the creative process of this continent, video, facilities, and a private collection, in addition to the conferences that will be held in the House of Latin America as published by arteporexcelencias.com portal.

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In its twenty-first edition, the fair will pay much attention to choosing artists from France and Latin America because the goal of it is to honor women artists, as also published by arteporexcelencias.com portal. As stated by this same portal, the most recent galleries will have space there in the sector "Promises" in which you can find fourteen galleries with less than six years of existence, these can present maximum of one to three emerging artists. In this space, you will find galleries such as Galerie Hengevoss-Dürkop in Hamburg, Ilex Gallery in Rome, Shiras Galeria de Valencia and Galerie Younique de Lima, among others.


Una publicación compartida de ART PARIS (@artparisartfair) el



Una publicación compartida de ART PARIS (@artparisartfair) el




Una publicación compartida de ART PARIS (@artparisartfair) el



Una publicación compartida de ART PARIS (@artparisartfair) el


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