Find out how much soccer players pay for their carelessness

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Celebrations, blows, bites, careless words and insults to the referees are some of the reasons that have generated unusual sanctions in soccer

Find out how much soccer players pay for their carelessness

The anti-regulation conducts leave a good collection for the coffers of FIFA, although for some players paying the amounts are like 'removing a hair from a cat', as is the case of Cristiano Ronaldo, who will have to pay 20,000 euros.

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The Portuguese soccer player celebrated in an exaggerated way making obscene signals to the followers of Atlético de Madrid after getting the 'ticket' to the quarterfinals of the Champions League, as if it were a lethal thrust to the effusive celebration of the Argentine coach Diego Simeone in the first match of the series.

The most severe fines

UEFA's ruling was a like 'putting a band-aid on the problem' compared sanctions ranging from 6,000 euros to expulsion for life to continue the career as a soccer player, as the case of Chilean goalkeeper Roberto Rojas.

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This goalkeeper took advantage of the explosion of a flare near the goal that he was guarding to throw himself to the ground and, with a razor blade that was kept in his glove, he cut himself in the face, trying to deceive the authorities in the match against Brazil in the mythical Maracaná, in the duel for the eliminatory to the World Cup of Italy 1990.

Shame was greater than the desire to access the world event that Rojas acknowledged his error, leaving the Chilean National Team out of the cup and of the 1994 United States World Cup.

The cost of physical aggression

Among the most remembered violent actions is Zinedine Zidane's famous headbutt to the defender Marco Materazzi, in the final of the world cup Germany 2006, played between France and Italy, title that the 'Azzurri' won with a penalty. It was a sad farewell for the Frenchman, who for the action was penalized with just 6,500 euros, while the Italian defender paid nearly 4,500 euros and two games off the field.

However, if we are talking about aggressions, one of the most remembered in English soccer was the flying kick given by Eric Cantona, star of Manchester United, to Matthew Simmons, supporte of Crystal Palace, in 1995. The athlete was punished by the English league with a fine of 20,000 pounds (about 23,000 euros today), nine months out of the fields and two weeks of community service.

Without taking credit for the most shameful aggressions in soccer, there is the bite of Uruguayan Luis Suarez to Italian defender Giorgo Chiellini in the group stage of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The Uruguayan forward was expelled from the championship, given nine months of punishment, four months without playing and a fine for 82,000 euros.

When it comes to constant and morbid agressions towards other player,the defender Vinnie Jones takes the price, as in 1992 he starred in the lead role in the film 'Soccer's Hard Men', collecting the most brutal faults to their rivals. Jones was suspended for six months and fined 20,000 pounds at the time.


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