Watch out! These are the most anticipated releases of April

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We list here some of the most anticipated releases of the month of April that come to theaters, the Netflix catalog, and HBO

Watch out! These are the most anticipated releases of April

We present the five most talked about premieres of the month of April and everything you should know before going to see them. There is something for everyone: documentary, horror, superheroes, adventures, and politics. Here is a short summary of what you will see as an appetizer.

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Pet Sematary, April 4

Today is finally released the remake of this horror classic. The original version of the adaptation of Stephen King's book came out in 1989 and told the story of a family that lost their cat first and then their son. His old neighbor shows the father an indigenous cemetery that resuscitates whoever is buried there. The father, in the midst of his pain, buries his son in the pet cemetery to bring him back. What they did not expect is that those who are buried in the cemetery will never be the same again. In this remake of 30 years later, the child's gender changes. Now it's about a girl, who will come with some others from the cemetery to scare and scream at their sorrowful parents.

Our planet: season 1, April 5

Netflix launches this high-budget documentary series that aims to raise awareness about climate change. This is the production of the same creator of Planet Earth and Blue Planet, Our Planet will dazzle us with images of the most spectacular species of our planet and then show us how each one is being affected by climate change. You will see from the most magnificent mammals to the smallest insects. All species are being affected.

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The Hidden World of Sabrina: Part 2, April 5

This is a great day for the premieres of Netflix. The second season of The Hidden World of Sabrina will also be released. In the first one, we had seen a Sabrina struggling between the world of humans and witches and that was cloying how good it was. She ends up accessing her dark baptism for the sake of her boyfriend and friends to fight with her new witch powers to the Dark Lord, Satan. In this second season we will see a darker and more trained Sabrina. Her powers have grown and with them the temptation to use them. To all this we add: she has entered fully into adolescence.


Game Of Thrones: Season 8, April 14

This series is perhaps that of the most seasoned and most loyal fans. And this season is the one that has generated the most expectation since it is the final season. Unlike the other seasons, each of ten or seven episodes, the latter will have only six. The story, in addition, consists of original content that is not in the books of George RR Martin To Song Of Ice And Fire, so even the readers of the saga will not know what will happen in this last season. The writers of the series were based, then, on what the author tells them will happen in his next novels. In this way, the series has already advanced to the books, so that fans can know in advance what will happen to their favorite characters.

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Avengers: Endgame, April 24

April seems like a month of closing cycles since the Avengers saga will also end with this latest production. Chris Evans already said goodbye to his role as Captain America, awakening with this the doubts of fans about whether this character will die or what will happen. In Avengers: Endgame we will see if Iron Man in fact died or if he will return. And we will see, above all, gathered to almost all the superheroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The last one to join the team: Captain Marvel, whose film came out in March. In this production, we learn that although she is the last to join, she was, at the time, the first avenger and to whom they owe her name. Many questions have left the trailer, questions that will be answered this April 24.


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