The digital transformation has begun

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The secret for the different Latin American companies to succeed in their business is in the digital transformation

The digital transformation has begun

The days where industrial companies, as car manufacturers, led the lists of the largest companies were left behind. Nowadays, due to the implementations of digital technologies, these same lists are led by companies that are linked to the digital market (Amazon, Apple, Microsoft), since they accepted the challenge of transforming their business models and who stopped seeing that not as a trend but as a reality.

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The commitment to digital transformation is fundamental for the success of companies but even more for their future in a changing industry. Companies cannot remain indifferent to the changes generated, sponsored by technological innovations. At this point we speak of a change in mentality, it is useless for the heads of large companies to miss the opportunity that this business has, especially in Latin America.

In view of this digital transformation, the global economy has had a great impact. It is enough to see the results of different reports, such as Oxford Economics where it states that in 2016 the digital economy accumulated 11.5 billion of world GDP. Or, the one of Dell Technologies which affirms that 18% of the companies that were part of this digital transformation, had a positive impact, instead of suffering consequences for the changes.

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Digital transformation is synonymous with innovation, adaptation, growth and increased competitiveness. It brings necessary benefits to survive in this era, such as optimizing processes, increasing customer satisfaction, reading it to offer a better experience through interconnectivity.

It is at this moment that different Latin American companies have to invest in the modernization of their technologies, as indicated by Michael Dell, executive director and president of Dell Technologies, "the time to act is now". And that is where Latin America can enter, not to be left behind, to be part of the changing digital economy and to favor above all its businesses.

However, that change of chip cannot only come from the CEO of the company. Governments and Latin American companies must generate unions to achieve visibility of the infinite potential offered by the digital age, improving connectivities, training staff to be educated and familiar with the terms of this transformation and generate new solutions in both traditional industries and not.

Latin America, as an emerging market that it is, will have to apply the digital transformation and rethink the way business has been developing, in order to formally enter into a competition on which commitment to the digital age depends. There is a thin line between the inequality within this transformation, which can be manipulated if the business chip is changed and if the benefits of this new era are appreciated.


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