What is the difference between Federer and Nadal when it comes to making money?

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Sitting in the Olympus of tennis, the Swiss Roger Federer and the Spanish Rafael Nadal are the most successful and wealthy athletes of the 'white sport'

What is the difference between Federer and Nadal when it comes to making money?

They are not located at the top of the ranking of the ATP (Association of Professional Tennis Players), because they are at the maturity of their sports career. Some have dared to 'lower' the curtain, especially the Swiss Roger Federer when he reached 37 years of age, but what people do not know is that they have more than assured their retirement.

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The eternal and powerful duel between Federer and the Spaniard Rafael Nadal, 32 years old, not only happens on the court, but also in their 'checkbooks'. The world of 'white sport' can dare to say that they are facing the two winners in trophies and the best payouts.

How is Federer doing?

Roger, nicknamed 'Your Majesty', is the current number five in the ranks of the ATP and has won 100 titles in his long career, 20 of them in Grand Slam. This makes him the second player in history to have reached the figure of three digits, behind the winner of all time: the American Jimmy Connors (109).

His sports career has not only filled his house with shelves with trophies: his bank accounts have received so far more than 35 million euros in awards, not counting the 205 million that he receives for advertising, which places him among the seven best athletes payments of the world, according to Forbes.


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Federer not only adds triumphs, but also millions of followers, so his sponsors Wilson, Rolex and Uniqlo do not hesitate to spend on their sponsorship. For example, Uniqlo 'signed' it for a contract of 250 million euros in the next 10 years, a figure that exceeds 222 million for the transfer of Neymar Junior to the ranks of Paris Saint-Germain.

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And Nadal?

On the other side of the path, is the Spanish 'Rafa' Nadal, current number two in the ATP ranking, who has in his record 80 championships, 17 of them from major competitions. These have left in his wallet 27 million euros, a product of awards, and 117 million from sponsorship won in the last five years thanks to companies such as Nike, Richard Mille or KIA .

The exorbitant figures go further in his career as a professional since 1998. The right-handed Federer has added to his savings account, a product of his titles, about 120 million euros, while the 'left-handed' Nadal has collected 105 million euros.


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According to the magazine Celebrity Net Worth , the Swiss has created a fortune that approaches 400 million euros. What have they spent them on? Well, the right-hander has not squandered his money. On the contrary, he invested 8 million euros in a mansion in front of Lake Zurich and allocated 35 million euros for his foundation created in 2003 to support educational projects in Switzerland and South Africa.

For its part, 'Rafa' has been a bit more eccentric at the time of using his nearly 300 million euros, according to Forbes magazine. He bought a 23-meter long yacht valued at 3 million euros, invested 10 million euros in hotels in the Mexican Caribbean and is part of 13 companies associated with rights, real estate and renewables, in which he has contributed the modest sum of 56 million of euros.


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