3 Important Latin American collectors that you should know

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The art collections are not far from Latin America, although a vast majority is from Argentina, other countries in the region also have important collectors

3 Important Latin American collectors that you should know

Collectors are not only from European countries, there are also a lot of Latin American collectors. Here we tell you about some of them.

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Aída Vivian Lechter from Furmanski (Colombia)

Women are not left behind in the list of these collectors. The Colombian Aída Lechter currently resides in Spain and is not only a collector but also a gallerist. Her training was in psychology and architecture according to the magazine Vanity Fair, and in 2014 her husband was the ambassador of Colombia in Spain, as published by the portal arteinformado.com, which also adds that is an influential couple in the country and the two come of Jewish families. According to the same portal, Lechter was director of Artesanías de Colombia and participated in ARCO Madrid 2015 when Colombia was invited. Among the pieces that the family owns are some that the well-known Colombian gallerist Fernando Pradilla gave them, who in Madrid has a homonymous gallery and in Bogota the gallery El Museo, according to arteinformado.com.

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Andrés Blaisten (Mexico)

This Mexican was born in Argentina and owned one of the largest Mexican collections as a private individual, sometimes even exceeding the heritage of local public museums, as stated by the portal laprensagrafica.com. Precisely in one of the graphs of the arteinformado.com portal report, it beats the rest of the most important collectors as its collection reaches eight thousand works of art. He created two museums that bear his name, one virtual, and one physical, in which he exhibits some of the works in his collection, which have been exhibited in museums such as the MoMa in New York or the National Gallery in Ottawa. Also, owner of pieces of centuries like the nineteenth, twentieth and colonial times, important Latin American artists such as Frida Kahlo, Diego de Rivera, and José Clemente are part of his collection, according to the portal laprensagrafica.com.

Hugo Yaconi and Manuel Santa Cruz (Chile)

Hugo Yaconi, unfortunately, died in April of the year 2017. Along with Santa Cruz, the heirs of this collector have the largest collection of art in Chile according to the same portal. The number of pieces that these two would have together totaled about 1,500 works of art according to the graph of the report revealed by arteinformado.com. They are also the owners of the MAVI (Museum of Visual Arts) of Chile and one of the strongest business groups in the Latin American country.


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