Abuse in soccer? Cristiano Ronaldo is not the only one

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The case of the Portuguese star is currently the most famous, but it is not the only one. In Latin American Post we review other similar situations

Abuse in soccer? Cristiano Ronaldo is not the only one

The 'Me too' movement, originated in the United States, made victims of abuse and harassment publicized their stories and the perpetrators. No field has been saved from bringing accusations to light, therefore, sports are no exception. We tell you about some recent cases of abuse accusations in the world of soccer that have surprised and are still open.

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Robinho and Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo continues to be in the spotlight, although lately it has been for much more than his soccer merits. To his conviction for tax problems from which he has been saved with the payment of a fine, now adds the accusation of abuse that was made in April 2017 by a woman who claims that CR7 abused her in a hotel in Las Vegas and who paid almost $ 400 thousand dollars for her silence, according to Infobae. The fear of the Portuguese is such that Juventus has declined to play in the United States friendly matches to avoid any legal problem for the player.

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In 2013, Robinho was playing at Milan FC, four years later he was accused of abusing a 22-year-old woman in a club in Milan, Italy. Although the Italian justice found him guilty and sentenced him to 9 years in prison, according to information from the AS website, the Brazilian has not been imprisoned. The player has only declared that he will appeal the ruling, meanwhile he plays in Turkish soccer, in Sivasspor FC. It is the way in which Robinho tries to evade the accusation, because until the result of the appeal is not made known, he can not be extradited from Turkey, nor imprisoned.

Colombian soccer

Two Colombian referees, Ímer Machado and Óscar Ruiz, have been denounced for abuse of younger referees who were harassed by telling them that they were allowed to whistle in games of the Colombian league. The three complainants are, according to El País, Hárold Perilla, Carlos Chávez and Julián Mejía. The accused referees have received support from managers and colleagues, including Jorge Velez, president of the Colombian Soccer Division. Vélez affirmed that as a lawyer he would wait for a complaint in the legal terms and not just the statements in the media or networks. In the same tenor, the Public Ministry of the South American country expressed itself, clarifying that it will not act as long as they do not have the statements of those involved.


The women's team Sub 17 and senior is the other great scandal of Colombian soccer, after the complaints of players for work and sexual harassment of which they have been subjected. The country's independent journalism and social networks have made the problem visible in Colombia. The direct defendants in the case of the U17 were Dídier Luna and the physical trainer Sigifredo Alonso. According to the BBC, the journalist Jenny Gámez stresses that the problem is greater than what is exposed in the newspapers and that it involves the highest spheres of soccer in her country.


Faced with the abuses, FIFA and Conmebol have decided to take action, especially in the case of Colombian players. Infobae says that FIFA said it will monitor the conditions under which women's soccer is developed in that country. Things will not be easy: the Colombian Soccer Federation (FCF) made the decision in the first days of March not to have a senior women's team and is doubting about the Women's league. This happened due to the loss of sponsors caused by the scandal, according to Jorge Velez. The vice president of Colombia and league authorities negotiated security conditions for the players, as well as the desire to keep the league afloat.


The basic forces in Mexico and Argentina

Only in the last year, in addition to the cases mentioned, there have also been discovered others such as the youth of the basic forces of the Veracruz Club of Mexico, of which one of the accused has already been linked to a process as highlighted by the newspaper Récord. It also highlights what happened in the Argentinian teams River Plate, Gimnasia and Independiente. In all cases, there was abuse as a bargaining chip to allow them access to better conditions and opportunities in their respective clubs.


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