Rafael Dudamel and Givova: what do they tell us about Venezuela's situation?

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The Federation that governs the destiny of Venezuelan soccer renewed the manager and the brand that makes the uniforms for 'La Vinotinto' after two controversial facts

Rafael Dudamel and Givova: what do they tell us about Venezuela's situation?

The Venezuelan Soccer Federation (FVF) decided to continue the process with coach Rafael Dudamel, after the unfortunate statements of the strategist after the 3-1 triumph of 'La Vinotinto' over Argentina in Madrid and also decided to renew its link with the sports brand Givova, after the shameful fact with the uniforms previous to the match against Catalonia. This editor gives his opinion on both topics here in Latin American Post.

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Let us begin step by step. On March 28, the FVF issued a statement in which it ratified Rafael Dudamel as manager of "La Vinotinto". This statement added that the organization that runs Venezuelan soccer considered Dudamel as the ideal person to continue in office and we agree on that. We are sure we are not the only ones, but the vast majority of soccer fans in Venezuela.

Besides that, when it seemed that the negotiations had been canceled, the same day the FVF announced through its board of directors the extension of the agreement with the sports brand Givova for four more years, even if the initial contract has not been a year in place. We must mention that the brand showed some first designs that have not had the best acceptance in this 2019.

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Dudamel case

Laureano Gonzalez said after the renewal with Dudamel that the logical thing was to continue with this because of his influence over the group, many of them quite young, because of his experience and knowledge of Venezuelan soccer, and because he has proven to be the most capable to make the most of the players' capacities.

In that we agree, because Dudamel has shown to have that influence and has achieved that this talented base of young players adapts his game philosophy, of order and solidarity in lines, of counterattack, and of making the most of when they have the ball. This process has made them more competitive and protagonists in both the U 20 and the older categories.

In these difficult times that the South American nation is going through, it is difficult for any foreign manager to accept an offer from an indebted Federation and what it means to live in a country in chaos. As far as native talent is concerned, the most qualified strategists such as Richard Páez, César Farías, and Noel 'Chita' San Vicente have already completed their cycle as selectors, which is why they are no longer an option.

There is simply nobody but Dudamel. Therefore, we consider that, beyond any political tendency, its ratification is positive because results have been achieved. To fire him would have been to throw away a project halfway and that, in sports, has negative consequences.


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Givova's case

The Italian company was in charge of supplying the uniforms of the Vinotinto national team in all its categories, both male and female, for another four seasons. In the coming days, another meeting will be held between the management bodies and the European company to review the new designs. 30 days after this meeting, the brand must deliver to the FVF the first batch of equipment and uniforms.

Presumably, Givova undertook to present the uniforms already agreed, although, due to the inconveniences presented by the company, it caused the already known malaise among the players of the national team such as captain Tomás Rincón and goalscorer Salomón Rondón. At this point, we can not ensure that this renewal is as positive as Dudamel's. The players respect the coach, but not the brand, and players are the soul in this matter.

Fans have not liked the models presented in both the South American U20 and the U17, nor the senior team one in the friendlies of the last FIFA date of March, but they have no choice but accept it. From now on, Givova must work on complying with what was agreed upon, on improving the image it left on the players, so that these, especially the stars, can feel at ease and do not make the decision to leave the national team, since the team needs them more than they the team. We should all be aware of that point. It will dawn and we will see.


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