Are you humanizing your dog?

Dressing as humans, having a birthday celebration or taking a place at the table are some of the indications to know when a dog is being humanized

Are you humanizing your dog?

Currently, dogs and cats are a member of the family and that's fine. The risk begins when we begin to attribute them human actions. The humanization of pets is a trend that has grown in recent years and that makes the animal not only a member of the family, but also a child or a baby. This happens especially with dogs being so affectionate and close to their owner.

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It is as simple as that, if you try to treat your dog more and more as a human, he will lose his identity. In addition, his nature is being disrespected for not allowing him to carry out the activities his species perform and forcing him to act as if he were another species.


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Dogs, although they are not wild but domestic, have their animal instinct, so they need to interact with other dogs, go out to the park, smell, bark, etc. However, this trend of humanization has even led some owners to stop taking their dog to the park for fear of contracting any bacteria or disease. This type of actions end up being harmful to the pet, they can unleash anxiety or stress in them. Also, if it does not have contact with other animals, it will not know how to behave and will surely be aggressive.

According to the portal Mis Animales, another consequence of treating your pets in this way is the loss of hierarchy principles. By overindulging or treating him like a human, your pet can lose the sense of who is the boss in the house. In this way, your dog (or cat) will not know how to distinguish between actions that are good or not. That can lead to aggressive attitudes toward others, thinking that he is the boss.

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Comfort it, with limits

It is clear that a dog is a companion pet, and the normal thing is that you want to be with him and him with you. There is nothing wrong with it. The important thing is to balance everything so there are no bad consequences.

If you want your dog to accompany you in the car while you perform your errands or go to the mall, that's fine. But not always. Nor does it have to accompany you to all the restaurants, let alone sit with you to eat. Your dog must also get used to being alone little by little. In this way, for him, staying alone will be normal and will not give him anxiety attacks, or what is known as separation anxiety, according to Última hora, which is often the cause of the disasters they commit.

So comfort them, love them, talk to them, but never forget that you are the owner: you are the human and he is the animal. And remember that there is a difference between affectionate treatment with your pet and humanization.

The important thing, according to the ethologist Carolina Alaguna, interviewed by El Tiempo, is to let the animal be. Whether it is the case of a dog or a cat, each and every race has different needs, so the owners have the main function of not restricting them, as this can have serious consequences.


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