Girl power! 5 women who dream with the Olympic glory

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Women athletes in Latin America grow by leaps and bounds. This is evident in five names that are outlined to achieve great things in the next Tokyo 2020 event

Girl power! 5 women who dream with the Olympic glory
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When there is little more than a year left for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, many athletes begin to enter a competitive top and dream of an Olympic medal. Coincidentally, in these last months the excellent level that a select group of Latin American women athletes has crossed.

Therefore, in this particular section of Latin American Post, we present a Top 5 of warriors who live an enviable present and are shaping up to taste the glory in the dispute of the Games scheduled to be held next year in the Japanese capital.

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Yulimar Rojas (Venezuela)

For nobody is a secret the extraordinary moment that crosses the Venezuelan triple jumper Yulimar Rojas, Olympic runner-up in Rio 2016, champion of the World Athletics Championships in London 2017, and who just a few days ago conquered her qualification very early in Tokyo.

As detailed in the newspaper El Tiempo, it was at the end of March, when the criolla got her ticket to the great sports event. She did it in the celebration of the World Indoor Tour of Düsseldorf, Germany, event in which she achieved the extraordinary mark of 14.92 meters and with which she also became the first Venezuelan to secure her ticket to the competition.

Screening: Olympic podium

Mariana Pajón (Colombia-possible gold medalist)

If there is an athlete who has not had them all in recent months, that is BMX Olympic champion Mariana Pajon. The Colombian woman who suffered an injury to the cruciate ligament of one knee with ruptured meniscus included had to stop walking and devote to recover her body, however, after more than 10 months of inactivity, it seems to be back.

A clear sign of Mariana's high return, it was evident during the most recent South American BMX Cup played in Argentina. Week.com magazine reviews that in this dispute the biker managed to prove to be in optimal conditions and even managed to be crowned, with full authority, champion of the competition.

Projection: Olympic gold

Adriana Díaz (Puerto Rico)

Although table tennis is a world dominated by China and all the other powers of the Asian continent, there is a small Latina girl who has been emerging little by little in this discipline. This is the Puerto Rican racket Adriana Diaz, Central American and Pan American champion, current number 34 of the world ranking and who despite being just 18 years old, has Tokyo 2020 between eyebrows.

The Primerahora.com portal ensures that the moment that Adriana lives today is enviable. Recently he was the toupee to win the Under-21 Table Tennis Open of Spain against high-quality rivals, and with this result, he was able to rise in the ranking and be closer and closer to his classification to the Asian fair.

Projection: Olympic Diploma

Caterine Ibargüen (Colombia-possible gold medalist)

The gold medalist in Rio 2016 Caterine Ibargüen has been becoming, with time, and thanks to the binomial talent-charisma, in a true legend of Colombian, Latin American and world athletics. So much so that in 2018 she was decorated as the best athlete of the year.


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Although the triple jumper will have in the Venezuelan Yulimar Rojas the hardest bone to crack in Tokyo, her level is still very high, and her chances of revalidating her Rio title are still valid. Nonetheless, the daily Colombiano.com indicates that the most impressive thing about Caterine for this cycle is that in addition to competing in triple jump, it also decided to challenge long hike, a modality in which it has already begun to obtain essential records, and will be in September in the middle of the Diamond League of Doha, when it looks for its Olympic classification

Projection: Double Olympic podium

Paula Pareto (Argentina)

There is no place in Argentina where the name of Paula Pareto is not linked with success, and this is something that the little judoka albiceleste, gold medalist in Rio 2016, who is shaping up to conquer the two-time champion chip in the fair of the Japanese capital.

Paula has done everything right in this new cycle. So much so that, as detailed in the specialized portal sputniknwes.com, with the gold medal that he recently won in the Great Slam of Judo in Yekaterinburg, Russia, he shows that he is more valid than ever. "Paula Pareto is one of the best judokas in the world and one of the best Argentine athletes in history. If it continues like this, we will see it repeat the gold in the universal within little more than a year."

Projection: Olympic gold

Time will run, and we will see what happens with the cases of these five extraordinary athletes. Where there is no doubt is that Latin American women's sport is fashionable and it is here to stay.


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