Small kitchen: How to maximize the spaces?

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Discover how to improve your kitchen to make it look bigger and brighter

Small kitchen: How to maximize the spaces?
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A department can be well designed, have good view and lighting, but if there are small spaces you should start using your imagination to live with maximum comfort.

When looking for real estate projects, knowing how to take advantage of every inch is fundamental, and it is for this reason that María José Uriarte, manager of real estate project development at Exxacon, gives some tips. The idea is to maximize the spaces in kitchens considered small.

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  • Prioritize: an important criterion to take into account to maximize spaces in the kitchen is to keep everything that is not used periodically. "For example, if the juicer is always on the main table, but you use it little, it is best to keep it to take better advantage of that space. Define - under your criteria - what are the things you use every day and keep everything else in drawers. So the kitchen will be more clear," says the expert.
  • What spaces are not taken advantage of? A good option is to consider the installation of shelves, which will allow you to keep and always have insight electronic items of frequent use, such as kettles, coffee makers and toasters, among others. This will help maximize spaces and give an appearance of order in the kitchen.
  • Consider bright colors: The color you choose for your kitchen is also an essential factor. In this regard, it is crucial to consider that bright colors better reflect natural light and contribute to expanding the perception of spaces. The main real estate projects favor this option, generating a much friendlier environment.
  • Take advantage of the minimalist decoration: It is important to remember that a well-decorated space positively impacts the mood of the people. This principle is applied in a right way to the departments where the design standards have placed the focus on the simple, allowing the spaces to be more orderly and enjoyable.
  • Utensils that decorate: If you do not have enough space to store things like pots, pans or ladles - to name a few - you can hang them with small hooks, ordered from highest to lowest or by color. Thus, in addition to having these objects within easy reach, they will enhance the decoration.

María José Uriarte from Exxacon, the real estate company of SmartLiving, recommends that, when looking for apartments, you can consider applying some of the mentioned techniques to make the most of every corner of the home, even if it is about places with large kitchens.


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