These are the best apps for your pet

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There are many apps available in the market. Here we tell you about some specialized in pets

These are the best apps for your pet
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Pets are perhaps the most important living beings for the people who live with them. Currently, the world is moving faster and faster and there are applications for anything, among them for the welfare of our pets. Here we tell you about some of these that will advise you on the welfare of those we love most.

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Perfect Dog

This application houses about 350 breeds of dogs with photographs that help identify the dogs, race information and recommendations as stated by the Doog Web portal. This is one of the most valued stores of the Apple and Google operating systems, and has a fairly complete free version. Its main mission is to provide you with the necessary information so that you can decide which dog is most suited to your life and home. In it, through a search engine, you can find the dogs that best suit your needs, as reported by the To You To Me portal.


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Pet master pro

Through this application, you can have all your pet's data organized and you will have control of your pet's life in it. According to the portal of Revista Central, you can enter information such as your appointments to the veterinarian, medications, diseases, and appointments with other dogs to play. According to the portal To You To Me, this application is free on IOS devices and costs 3.5 euros in the Android operating system. If your pet has a microchip and registration document, you can also register it into this application.


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Dog Whistle

As we all know, dogs listen at a much higher frequency compared to what the human ear can hear. Because of this and because to educated and train it well are one of the primordial things when you have one of these companions with you, there is the Dog Whistle application. This app is free and allows you to train your dog when you feel that it is out of your hands, because with the different frequencies of whistles included you will train and educate your dog according to what you need: give instructions, scold or congratulate as the To You To Me portal affirms.


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Dog Walk

This is an application to maintain the good health of our furry loved ones. It consists of registering the route, the distance and the duration of the exercise that you will travel with your pet and the application will inform you about the daily caloric expenditure that the dog had, according to the 65 y más portal. In addition, the application will recommend and explain new exercises that may help your pet. Not only this, but depending on the place where you live the application will also show you favorable walking routes so you can change the dynamics and see different landscapes while at the same time exercising and taking care of your health.


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