Travel packages to Brazil, a proposal tailored to your needs

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"That trip that left no traces in your heart was never a true trip"

Travel packages to Brazil, a proposal tailored to your needs

The imposing Brazilian geography with its beautiful beaches, white sands, tropical vegetation; the diversity of cultural, artistic, historical, gastronomic activities; and the liquor store and identity coffee are just some of the potential that motivates planning a mini-vacation, a getaway or a long weekend vacation in this giant nation of Latin America.

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What in the recent past seemed distant and, at times, unattainable today, thanks to the exponential growth of the tourism industry globally, is a close and possible alternative. Travel packages to Brazil, with its variety, attractiveness and convenient prices, simplify your life. The fact of linking accommodation, air tickets, promotional actions, the possibility of booking on-line constitute in themselves comfort and tranquility at the time of undertaking your 'brazuca' experience.

The Federative Republic of Brazil distributes its territory from the Amazon River Basin in the north to Foz do Iguazú in the South, bordering the beautiful waterfalls of the Argentinian province of Misiones.

Although the official language is Portuguese, the 'portuñol' has been practiced for a long time, in order to assist and provide a prompt response to the requirements of Spanish-speaking travelers.

The spirit of the Brazilian people

It is perceived in the Cristo Redentor, a sculpture of thirty-eight meters high on the Corcovado Hill, a warm welcome beyond any type of sporting rivalry.

Travel packages to Brazil, a proposal tailored to your needs

As for the most popular beaches and spas, in the south the city of Florianópolis shines and also its corsages of amazing islands for all tastes in the state of Santa Catarina, Gramado - also called the 'Switzerland of Brazil' - in Rio Grande do Sul, Curitiba and Porto Alegre. Towards the center, in Rio de Janeiro, Ipanema, Copacabana, Barra de Tijuca, Botafogo, Leblon, and Buzios stand out; to the north, in Salvador de Bahía, Trancoso, from Fortaleza, Ceará, the iconic 'Praia de Jericoacoará', among other alternatives of remarkable beauty to relax and enjoy. This way you can leave behind, even for a few days, a tedious routine and urban stress.

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The travel packages invite you to explore the different options, compare prices, bank promotions, financing available tickets, all with just one click on your mobile phone. The budgets are oriented to the widest public travelers, their needs and preferences.

More than a destination, Brazil is a place to discover the charm of nature that flourishes at every step, the variety of sporting activities to share. For all those who love museums, concerts, art galleries, and musical shows, they have practically daily agenda to choose from.

Hence the importance of checking travel packages, in addition to deciding on some of them and their benefits, by hiring it in advance, the discounts are more than advantageous.

Gastronomy and something more

The national dish is Feijoada, a stew based on black beans, smoked meat, and pork. It is served with a garnish of cassava, fried plantain, rice, cabbage, and orange segments.

To drink, cachaca, caipirinha, beer, juices, and fruit smoothies. For dessert, the Quindim, Bolos, Negrinho, Cocadas, Pamonhas Doces, Cuscuz Branco, etc. stand out.

Brazilian handicrafts are characterized by the multiplicity of styles and materials used, but with a strong African influence and of the Autonomous Communities of the Region: embroidery, lace, clothing, wood sculptures, bijouterie made with vegetable fibers, seeds, feathers, ceramics

Multiculturalism is the essence of Brazil, its charm does not go unnoticed and is perceived from the moment you land at the Tom Jobim Airport.

It's worth getting your luggage down, checking your condition and starting to dream with your eyes wide open about this trip. A trip that will improve your mood, renew the energies and, perhaps, motivate you to smile.



Translated from "Paquetes a Brasil, una propuesta a la medida de tus necesidades"

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