3 minimalism YouTubers you must know

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If you are interested in being minimalist or if you already are and want to receive some advice, we present 3 minimalist YouTubers that you should know

3 YouTubers Minimalists of you must know

Minimalism is a lifestyle that has as its main objective to live with what is necessary and not waste more than what is essential. This concept has become a trend in the last decade because it goes hand in hand with a trend in design and space organization. In addition, by avoiding material things in a deranged way, one is aware that happiness is found in what really matters.

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Below we show you 3 minimalist YouTubers that not only talk about design but also about a life based on the essentials.

1. Matt D'Avella

Matt D'Avella is a film producer, has his own podcast and is one of the most recognized minimalist YouTubers around the world. He has made two films: Design Disrupter (2016) and Minimalist: A Documentary About the Important Things (2015). The last one analyzes the different forms of minimalism in different social classes and you can find it on Netflix.

In his YouTube channel, Matt shows us what life is like for a minimalist, financial tips, cleaning tips for disorganized people, among other things. In addition, Matt has a podcast called The Ground Up Show where he interviews other minimalists or creatives.

2. Paula Simple

Paula, besides being minimalist, is vegan and her channel divides videos about minimalism, order (specifically the KonMari method), fashion and makeup, finance, food and about self-esteem. I recommend this youtuber because she deals with minimalism from various aspects of life and what it shares from its most personal experiences. In addition, her style is very aesthetic, so you can also get inspired and take some of her ideas to decorate and organize your space.

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3. Madeleine Olivia

Madeleine is a British youtuber who, like Paula, is vegan. Her channel focuses on minimalism as a way of life to seek happiness and stability and in veganism as a way to improve her health, her life and above all to help the environment. Madeleine is very interesting to listen to because not only gives tips but also reflects on how this lifestyle, if you live honestly and not only to maintain a style on social networks, can help find what that really is to live fully, which is what minimalism seeks.


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