The WWE returns! Wrestling comes again to Latin America

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The most famous wrestling company returns to Latin America and will give a double presentation in a country that they had not yet visited. Here more details

The WWE returns! Wrestling comes again to Latin America

The WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is one of the most beloved by wrestling lovers throughout the world, since it is not just a sport, but a whole show with stories, shows and display of talent. Now, it gives the big surprise to its fans in Colombia as it announced that it will visit the Latin American country for the first time. According to Semana magazine, the first show of wrestlers in this country would take place on August 23 at the renewed Bogota coliseum, Movistar Arena.

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However, the surprise does not end here, because other media such as Super Luchas have declared that the visit to Colombia would be double, although until now neither the city nor the date of what would be the second show has been specified. On the other hand, media such as El Espectador reported that ticket sales in Bogota would be ordered by the company Tuboleta a month before the long-awaited event.


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Which countries are also included in the tour?

According to the official website of the WWE, the countries that benefit from this tour are six. One of the first countries to receive the fighters will be Peru; it is expected that this event will be hosted by the capital, Lima, on August 24 at the Hockey Club. According to the Peruvian chain RPP, this would be the second visit of the company from Connecticut to Inca territory. The last time took place on November 30, 2017, when they faced AJ Styles and Jinder Mahal and whose winner was the former.

One day after the visit in Lima the turn will be for the city of Panama, of course, in Panama. In accordance with the schedule shown by the WWE, the event will be held at the Arena Roberto Duran.


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The surprise does not end here. According to the newspaper Día a Día, the Panamanian fighter Kárcamo will be part of the stellar show, as well as being in charge of representing this company in the Caribbean country. It would be the second visit for Panamanians.

For the month of September, there would be two more presentations in the southern countries, Argentina and Chile. In the case of Chile, the show would take place at the Movistar Arena in the City of Chile on September 5. For its part, Argentina would receive the fighters a day later at Luna Park in Buenos Aires. The last WWE shows in these countries have been a resounding success, so it is no surprise the choice made by Vicent Mcmahon. Spain and Brazil may also be an option, but the events do not appear on the official website.

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Who are the most outstanding fighters?

Perhaps one of the most resounding names is the native wrestler of Massachusetts, Jhon Cena, because even people who are not wrestling fans can recognize him since he is also an actor, singer and sculptor. In addition, according to Quien, Cena has been 13 times champion in different modalities of the WWE.

On the other hand, one of the characters most feared and loved by the spectators is the one called The Undertaker, Willliam Calaway. Calaway has excelled in the WWE for being one of the fighters with a 'diabolical' aspect, as well as being the oldest fighter in the industry, since he began in the company since 1990. According to the magazine AS, he is the father of several children of different marriages and has an organization for the protection of animals.

Representing women is the Puerto Rican fighter AJ Lee. According to 20 Minutes, Lee was recognized as the most outstanding woman in WWE battles. In addition, according to Fandom, she was one of the first women to win first place in two FCW championships, an amateur tournament in Florida. Finally, she is the manager of the sports channel RAW, linked to this great industry.

To meet other characters you can attend one of its many events in Latin America!


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