3 Tips to bathe your baby correctly

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We know that one of the things that you like most about your baby is to be able to bathe him, that's why we give you 3 tips to do it correctly

3 Tips to bathe your baby correctly

The time to bathe your baby is very special because it is a time to create stronger connections with your baby and especially because you are forming a hygiene routine. We share 3 tips that will help you bathe your baby correctly.

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1. Bathe according to your age

For a newborn baby or one with less than six months of age, it is best to bathe between one and two times a week, because they don't get dirty, only their genitals, which are being constantly cleaned when changing the diaper. This is recommended because during these months the baby is adapting to his new environment and to use hygienic products that are made with chemicals and can irritate his skin. Unless you are sure that the soap you use with your little one does not affect your skin, rest assured to bathe it more than twice a week. Remember to take him to the pediatrician if you notice something particularly strange.

Although you do not bathe more than twice, it is necessary to keep it always clean, so we recommend you use wet wipes to clean every day between the folds of your skin, your hands, and your face. After your baby is six months old and begins to crawl, bathe more often until you get to create the daily bath routine.

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2. Take into account the environment and the water temperature

There is not an exact time of the day on which you should bathe your baby. Many parents cannot help but get to the night to enjoy this beautiful moment with their children, others are better in the morning or midday. The truth is that more than a matter of the time, what really matters is the temperature of the environment and water.

You must ensure that the environment of the room you are in is not less than 26 ° C, that is, that is at room temperature. As for water, its ideal temperature is between 36 ° and 37 ° C. It is also very important that your baby doesn't stay more than 10 minutes in the water, as this can cause problems since, for this time, the water has cooled.

3. Do not bathe when you are hungry

If you bathe your baby when he is very sleepy, it is almost certain that he will become irritable and will throw tantrums, so it is best to feed him before bathing him, at least one milk intake. In addition, most babies make the body after eating, so you can take it to bathe after it gets dirty.

The advisable thing is that you let pass at least 30 minutes after eating to put it in the tub and clean it.


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