FILBo 2019: this was one of the most important book fairs in Latin America

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From April 25 to May 6, books were the protagonists of Bogotá. We tell you how one of the most important book fairs in Latin America was

FILBo 2019: this was one of the most important book fairs in Latin America

Towards the months of April and May of each year, Bogota has one of the most important and expected cultural events in the literary circle of Latin America: the International Book Fair of Bogotá, better known as FILBo, which is organized by the Colombian Chamber of the Book and by Corferias.

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Edition after edition, FILBo has a guest country, so most events revolve around the literary and cultural news of that country, in addition, a pavilion is presented to the public in which there are talks and specialized exhibitions about the country. This year, in the 32nd edition, the invited country was Colombia itself, thus celebrating the 200th anniversary of what was the path towards independence and the campaign of the liberators. The slogan of the fair was "Read, the invited country is you".


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FILBo had 605,000 visitors and 1,850 events. According to figures collected by El Espactador, there was an increase of 10% in the sale of books and an increase in the reception of the local public by the approach to national authors. There were also important meetings, forums and seminars, such as the International Copyright Seminar, the Meeting of Independent Publishers, the International Journalism Meeting, among others.

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Among the best-selling books are:

  • Memories of a son of a bitch, by Fernando Vallejo, who also participated in some talks and book signing.
  • Yes, if it's with you, by Calle and Poche, whom also made a book signing that filled Corferias.
  • Akelarre, by Mario Mendoza.
  • The battle for peace, by Juan Manuel Santos.
  • Here we are. Notes to live on Planet Earth, by Oliver Jeffers.
  • Peace on Earth, by Tatiana Duplat.
  • Among others.

One of the protagonists of the fair was the independent edition, around which several talks took place, but there were also many reflections on its importance and the need to pay more attention and above all to support it. The pavilion 17 and the pavilion 3 counted on the stands of several publishers and independent national and international distributors. There were also events that took place around the authors that were published by independent publishers and that attracted a large audience.

It is also important to highlight the interest of FILBo for reflecting on reading with other senses, thus seeing some disabilities as an opportunity to think about literature and education in new ways and in new contexts. It was reflected on the task of the author, editor and educator to create their product, being aware that there are different ways of reading and learning.


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According to FILBo's official website, the executive president of the Colombian Book Chamber, Enrique González Villa, stated that " the Bogotá and Colombian public has appropriated this Fair, and that is why it attends massively, responding to the efforts made by the organizers offer a more impressive event every year, with new and several activities. These results show the contribution of each of its protagonists: writers, exhibitors, sponsors, allies, and visitors who accompany us each year with more enthusiasm, supporting the commitment to promote books and reading in the country. This is the opportunity to thank the Mayor's Office of Bogotá for its determined support, which has contributed to the enlargement of this, the most important cultural event in the country. "


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