These are 5 benefits of traveling alone

Traveling alone can be a different experience that serves to know the world and yourself

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There are definitely many types of travelers, those who travel with friends, with a partner, in groups with strangers or with relatives, but few are the ones who dare to travel alone. Traveling without companions still has some prejudices, because some associate traveling alone with being a lonely person.

Leer en español: Conoce 5 beneficios de viajar solo

However, the solo trip has benefits that you can take advantage of according to the Skyscanner and Travel Intelligence.

1. The need to be alone

Not all trips have the purpose of having fun extravagantly, some people travel to mourn for a loss or separation, so traveling to a quiet and peaceful place can have a healing effect because it allows people to think, to find each other themselves and face some problems with the clear mind.

When people travel in a group, not all have the same budget, then for the benefit of most are excluded some places, restaurants, transportation by Limo Find and other things...


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2. Your agenda, your pace and your time

Some couples or groups of friends are radically different in their tastes, there are many friends, family or couples who have ended in bad terms after a trip, either because they did not visit somewhere, because the pace was different between people, some get bored and others end up fighting irreversibly. Therefore, traveling only allows you to define freely which places you want to go to, where you prefer to spend more time, you can make the changes you want to your agenda and in short, make everything depend on you and not on the tastes and times of someone plus.

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3. You learn to have independence

If you have a problem with a suitcase or a document, if you have to ask for information or food in another language, if you face cultural differences in another country, solving it will depend entirely on you, because you will have to prepare and implement your skills to enjoy your trip. You could even make new friends and take advantage of your social skills, whether you have them or not, when traveling you will only need them.


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4. The best for you

When people travel in a group, not all have the same budget, then for the benefit of most are excluded some places, restaurants, transportation and other things that when you travel alone you do not have to leave out of your agenda. You can have the pleasure of eating in a good restaurant or visiting a city without worrying about anything, just your budget.


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5. You will learn to manage your fears and to listen to your instincts

Surely before traveling alone, you would come to mind many things that will cause you a little fear, such as moving alone in an unknown place, language or being alone. Also, although society is evolving, many women are still afraid to travel without someone's company.

However, that is exactly what it is all about, traveling alone will give you a different perspective of yourself, because you will know what you are capable of. Who knows, maybe you become a frequent lonely traveler.


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Finally, we share some suggestions from Mexico Desconocido for those who will travel alone for the first time:

  • Collect all the information you can about the destination you are going to and the places you want to visit.
  • Arrive by day, so you can move more easily than if you do at night, especially if it is a place with insecurity.
  • You must be someone friendly, being open to others will allow you to get experiences and tips that could save you money or have a contact for future trips.
  • And although we had already said it, it is worth repeating: Losing fear and having confidence in yourself.


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