The museums you should visit in Mexico City

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Next, we will tell you which are the cultural spaces you can't miss when visiting the city

The museums you should visit in Mexico City
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Museums are always places that should be visited by anyone passionate about art. These museums house the artistic soul of each of the countries. Next, we will tell you some of the museums that you must visit in Mexico City.

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Museo de Arte Popular

As its name indicates, this museum houses the most representative collection of Mexican folklore, which is very particular and characteristic. The building that houses the museum was in the past the headquarters of the General Police Inspectorate and the General Fire Department of the city in 1928, as published by the web portal timeoutmexico.mx. As the same portal states, the pieces are preserved at the perfect temperature and humidity. The museum is composed of four permanent rooms starting from the first floor and perhaps attract young audiences by hosting interactive material. As the portal timeoutmexico.mx affirms, the Museo de Arte Popular honors Mexican folk art and is another one of the museums that Mexicans can be proud of.


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JUMEX Museum

The Fundación Jumex Arte Conteporáneo was created to promote the production, discussion, and knowledge around contemporary art and thus innovatively encourage art and culture, as published in the description of its web portal. The museum opened its doors to the public in November 2013 not only for a diverse audience but also to be a laboratory for experimentation and innovation in the arts, according to what they also publish on their website. According to the portal timeoutmexico.mx, one of the most essential and important contemporary art collections in Latin America was started by Eugenio López Alonso in the nineties.


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Museum of Tlatelolco

In Tlatelolco, the Memorial of 68 is located, an architectural space in which the objective is to honor the memory of what happened in Mexico in October 1968, precisely in the Plaza de las Tres Culturas. It was there where hundreds of students from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the National Polytechnic Institute belonging to the student movement that drove the demonstrations were killed. In this space, there are not only permanent exhibitions such as "M68 memorial 1968, social movements" but also other temporary ones that are complemented by several of the cultural events that take place in these facilities.


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