Madness on Facebook! the funny series with Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors

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Many athletes or former athletes have made the leap to television, but this time, the basketball player of the NBA is the protagonist of something new that generates a lot of ratting

Madness on Facebook! the funny series with Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors

Facebook wants its community to pay more attention to Facebook Watch, its video platform, and for that it had hired the star of the Golden State Warriors of the NBA, Stephen Curry, of 30 years, to star in the docu-series Stephen vs. The Game, which will feature private aspects of the player's life and his successful season 2018-2019, when he won his third champion ring.

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Curry, did not think twice to accept, and even told CNET.COM: "Last year has been an incredible chapter in my life, from the birth of my first child to winning a third championship, and we have been capturing everything I have incredible fans, and I'm excited to share my life with them in a way I've never done before," he added.

Does anyone remember the series Tom vs. Time? That production, followed in the footsteps of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady until winning the Super Bowl. Well, the success of that series had a lot to do with the cameraman of Gotham Chopra, who would be in charge of this initiative that will have Curry as a visible face. The project belongs to the production company Unanimous Media, a company that, in turn, is owned by the Warriors player.

ESPN says that Curry had his six-year-old daughter, Riley, watch before the first, Stephen's third episode. The Games, since this was dedicated to the family. "She thinks it's crazy how much we look like, I said, 'This is how genetics works, baby,'" said the star forward.

Athletes for Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch has a bet, usually successfully, on series based on well-known athletes such as Tom Brady, Lonzo Ball, Shaquille O'Neal and Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway, among others. This time, we will talk about education, marriage, religious faith, fatherhood, work ethic and challenges related to Curry.

"It's the culmination of many different forces that work in terms of time for my family and me," he said. "We understand the opportunity we have with this platform and the trip we have with this team. It's something that people think they know but do not know, "acknowledged the two-time MVP award winner in the NBA.

Of course, you have to find people that generate ratting and Curry, which has 8.2 million followers on Facebook, is one of them. The player confesses that he wants to watch the series in the comfort of his home with his family, but probably must wait until the end of the postseason or as far as Golden State, which specialists believe will be until the end of the NBA.

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How does the player take it?

The debut of Stephen vs. The Game was last April at the historic 16th Street station in Oakland and surrounded by media, family, friends, and co-workers. The first episode of ours to the Curries preparing to attend the parade of championships of the NBA 2018 of the Warriors. However, what caught most attention were the scenes of Stephen younger and with his father, who worked as a guard of the Charlotte Hornets.

"What stood out was probably all the things from the Hornets days when I was sitting on my dad's or my mother's lap when my dad worked there," Curry said. "It's crazy, to think, how is it that Riley, Ryan or Canon are sitting on me and in Ayesha's lap talking about the same thing, but it's a different era," Curry said.

Although he does not hide his enthusiasm for the series, Curry makes it clear that he will not interrupt the routine of his three children, Riley, Ryan, and Canon. "We protect the family during filming, that's the first objective when you get into this space, there's a good balance of overexposure and too many cameras around and things like that, but working, we try to make sure it's authentic and that it protects your privacy."

Curry hopes that viewers understand how important his family, his Christian faith and, of course, the Warriors are to him. "Hopefully, people can be inspired to find passion, joy, and purpose in life for themselves. And trust too, "compiled ESPN.

Other cases in the world

The portal outsideseries.com, points out that several of the best sportsmen for bookmakers have made the leap to be actors in various television series, which include men like the legendary Chuck Norris (world champion of karate) or more recently Jason Lee (professional skateboarder ), who have even starred in movies and series such as "Walker Ranger of Texas" one and "My name is Earl", the other.

Spain has two excellent examples in the players Fernando Torres and Iker Casillas, who had participated in the series '7 lives', shortly before being crowned world champions in South Africa 2010 and whose careers have gone hand in hand, they are contemporary

Many also remember the tennis player Feliciano López, who participated in 'Los Hermanos Serrano,' another great Spanish series that counted on talents of the performance such as Antonio Resines and Jesús Bonilla. The triple world champion of Moto GP, Jorge Lorenzo, intervened in 'Águila Roja' to play a motorcyclist.

But beyond the Spanish borders, the Iberians have triumphed with Pau Gasol, now a member of the Milwaukee Bucks, who had the opportunity to appear in the series CSI Miami and Numbers.

In turn, his former Los Angeles Lakers teammate, Kobe Bryant, participated in the comic Modern Family series. That television production got the presence of two other NBA players like Charles Barkley and DeAndre Jordan in the same chapter, where they became the coaches of the charity basketball party of parents.


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