Artificial intelligence in new business

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in the business world with different purposes, which generates competitiveness among companies

Artificial intelligence in new business

Artificial Intelligence makes it possible for machines to adjust and perform tasks as humans would do, according to the web portal of SAS Software and Solutions. In the business world, this technology is becoming a tool that can help in the proper functioning, competitiveness, and development of the tasks of a company.

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For this implementation to take place and be carried out in the best way, not only the company that is interested in entering the age of Artificial Intelligence should have the intention of investing in these new technologies, also from the government should be made Some changes, among which are the investment in research, software and development, as in the case published by the Forbes portal, according to information from the Salvadoran Association of Industrialists (ASI), in countries such as El Salvador it only represents 0.1 % of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

There are several issues around artificial intelligence that a company must previously review to make the best decision when investing in Artificial Intelligence. One of them is machine learning or "Machine Learning" which is, as the portal of the National Foundation for Scientific Research in Spain says, the performance of a program increases if it learns from the activity that it carried out and its errors, in a way Processes are significantly streamlined in the company which helps to reduce expenses and generate effectiveness in it.

Another topic around this branch of technology that could help the company in its development is the Natural Language Processing (NLP) which, as published by the Clever Data portal, is the area of AI that is responsible for the study of the interaction between computers and human language, as well as the design of systems that carry out the process and analysis of the large amount of data generated by this interaction. Within this technology are those applications that work with the voice recognition system and automatic translation or text analysis. This technology converts the text into data to analyze and benefit organizations such as those dedicated to health care to improve the experience of clients, and the processes of it are more productive, are done in the best way in less time.

The technology offered by Artificial Intelligence, by providing so many benefits to companies, generates more competition in the work environment. From an improvement in terms of the "chatbots" or conversational bot (which as its definition says, are robots that simulate having a conversation with a person giving an automatic response to the user), until the analysis of data, will help generate strategies to improve processes and different aspects of the company. In this way, the company and its development will be enhanced internally and externally.


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