Artificial Intelligence: a step forward in medicine

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A recent study revealed how machine learning had overtaken humans in predicting issues such as death or heart attacks

Artificial Intelligence: a step forward in medicine

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Artificial Intelligence has been implemented more frequently in the aspects of the daily life of humanity. What was left by the International Conference on Nuclear Cardiology and Cardiac CT co-organized by several entities such as the European Society of Cardiology, among others, is that machine learning is outstripping humans to predict such vital issues as death or a heart attack.

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The portal infosalus.com mentions that eighty-five variables were analyzed that were put into the LogitBoost automatic learning algorithm, a system that performed an analysis of the clinical follow-up of an average of six years where there were 24 heart attacks and 49 deaths from any cause. Nine hundred fifty patients presented chest pain and who underwent the protocol that is carried out in the center where the study was carried out to detect a coronary disease. The system analyzed the data repetitively to identify the most favorable structure for the prediction of a heart attack.


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According to the eurekalert.org portal, the author of this study is the Mexican doctor Luis Eduardo Juarez-Orozco, a researcher at the Turku PET Center in Finland. As the portal publishes infosalus.com, the researcher said that physicians in themselves collect a large amount of information about patients, so that machine learning helps to complete these data and can carry out an accurate prediction of the personal risk. As Juarez-Orozco affirms, this what could be achieved is that doctors personalize the treatment for the patient and thus achieve better results to save the patient's life.


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Automatic Learning or Machine Learning is the modern basis of what is Artificial Intelligence and is now immersed in different areas of life such as Google searches, facial recognition in smartphones or the fact that applications such as Spotify or Netflix recommend the user as part of their adaptation function to the individual user. Taking into account this and the research carried out by Juárez-Orozco, the technology has advanced so much that the application of Artificial Intelligence is able to develop a step forward in science and medicine so that the moment in which systems like these monitor different aspects In patients, such as their vital signs, they help to make an increasingly accurate diagnosis and help a person's life to be prolonged.


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