Why is it not advisable to follow the DETOX diets?

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In the eagerness to lose weight, some people resort to dubious methods, with supposed promising results. We explain to you why DETOX diets are not recommended

Why is it not advisable to follow the DETOX diets?

The DETOX diets were introduced in the imagination of a large part of society as an effective method to lose weight in a healthy way and without too much effort. However, how much truth is in these statements?

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To understand the dysfunctionality of this system and the risks involved in adapting them to our body, we have to explain what DETOX diets are.

What are Detox diets?

The word detox comes from detoxifying, that is, the action by which we eliminate all the toxins that are negative for our body, and that affect our ideal weight. This purifying method promotes the idea of "resetting" our organism, through the intake of different purifying juices, which are created based on various organic ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables, or cereals.

According to Infosalus, this therapy of natural smoothies appears along with the idea of a "healthy lifestyle" that will allow you "short-term results," unlike traditional diets for which we need much more time to see the results, although they have no proven efficacy.

Detox diets have supposed organic sustenance, which is based on 3 fundamental axes: acquire as few calories as possible, eliminate all possible liquids and treat the intake of much content rich in vitamins, potassium, and fibers.

However, many health and nutrition specialists do not recommend this type of practice at all, as they could cause irreversible damage to health because they are not natural alternatives to which the body can quickly adapt.

The dangers of DETOX diets

To exemplify the risks of the DETOX diets, we interviewed nutritionist Florencia Gimenez Laino, who positioned herself "against these diets that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates." Her argument is based on the fact that "there is no food education for the biological, physical and patient preferences," while food also has a "social part," so this detoxification regime "does not adapt" to events with other people."


Regarding the disadvantages, she said that, when using them, one can experience "a lot of tiredness, headaches, irritability, and weakness in general," since "there is a lack of energy from our main source, carbohydrates." Also, she clarified: "If there are high-protein diets or based on fruits and vegetables, physical activity is not recommended because they will not have the energy to do it," she added.

"By eliminating carbohydrates, we consume more foods with more fat, which increases the bad cholesterol (LDL) and lowers the good cholesterol (HDL), with a greater predisposition of the person to have a metabolic disease," clarified

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On the other hand, the specialist said that, since the person does not consume carbohydrates, they use those they have reserved in the liver (in the form of glycogen), which are stored with water. In this way, it eliminates more water by urine   (hence the "detoxification"), losing fluid and proteins.


Una publicación compartida de Nutricionista Sofía Miraglia (@sm.nutricion) el


In this sense, we can also collect the testimony given to us by the nutritionist Sofía Miraglia, who even did not agree with the natural shake therapies proposed by the DETOX diets. Thus, explained to our environment that "for health professionals, this type of diet is not advisable, mainly because all human beings have liver and kidneys, both essential organs for the detoxification of waste."

The specialist also justified that, in this type of food, "the body goes into a fast, which leads to a metabolic situation in which ketones are produced, where there is an increase in the number of toxins, which causes bad breath, loss of Appetite and dizziness." On the other hand, "you can also experience hunger" due to the caloric deficit that it presents (because it implies a low quality and quantity of essential nutrients).

When asked if DETOX diets are used to lose weight, she argued that there is an ambivalent situation. "Yes and no, because the descent of it is through muscle and water, and not fat, with time, that weight recovers." Also, she said that "fad diets do not work for physical health or emotional health, what works is the change of eating habits and physical activity to enjoy good health."

In this way, it can be understood that the only way to lose weight without negative repercussions on the organism, is to consult a health specialist, who will indicate the basic guidelines to follow to adopt a healthy lifestyle according to our particularities.


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